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Mir, "If you want to win G.O over now, right now is the perfect chance"

With MBLAQ coming to help the G7 members on the idol farm with the harvest season coming up, they were swept away by the "pink love mood in the air" and the affection between the members started to heat up.

As soon as G.O appeared on the KBS 2TV variety show 'Invincible Youth', he showed the direct sides of him by saying that he will express his feelings by dancing the 'Gun Dance'. This dance was dedicated to no one other than Jooyeon from After School.

After being swept in the suspicious relationship with G.O, Jooyeon came to explain by saying, "We had been close friends since we were trainees" and she added, "We knew each other for 3 years." However, G7 members and MBLAQ members didn't let it go off easy and stated to piece apart the relationship of G.O and Jooyeon.

MBLAQ's Mir told Jooyeon, "If you want to win G.O over now, right now is the perfect chance," causing laughter in the filming.

The three years of suspicious feelings between G.O and Jooyeon can be seen through 'Invincible Youth' on the 6th at 11:05pm KST.

SOURCE: Natenews
TRANSLATION: aoistars@AbsoluteMBLAQ
Tags: mblaq

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