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New Cube Girl Group?

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Back in January, during CUBE STARS PARTY 2010, it was announced that CUBE would unleash a new girl group into the K-Pop scene for this summer! The tentative name is Rosemary and a few members were introduced during CUBE artists' first ever showcase. Still, since there has yet to be any official statement regarding the group's composition and future activities, not much information is available yet.

The five girls did a medley of dance covers during the first CUBE STARS PARTY.

In the picture (L-R): Lee Dami, Geum Doyeon, Park Yunju, Kim Soae, Son Naeun

The other trainees:

Jang Hayoung also known as CUBE's Mulan. She appeared in BEAST's Shock M/V.
Han Yeji featured in Gayoon's "One Two Three", an OST track for the 'Woman Who Still Wants to Marry'.

Kim Namju is 15 years old.

2010 SUMMER CUBE STARS PARTY will give the chance for Cube's trainees to showcase their talents, much like G.NA did during the first showcase in January. It's rumored that the new girl group will be introduced to the public on August 10th.

Sources: 4minutes Forum
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