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Terrorism – North Korea not on the United States' blacklist

North Korea remains out of the blacklist of countries supporting terrorism that was published last Thursday by the United States, in spite of the torpedoes hitting a South Korean boat. Washington maintained the same four countries on its list: Iran, Sudan, Syria and Cuba.

In spite of the calls sent since the shipwreck of the Cheonan in March for Washington to put Pyongyang back on the blacklist, North Korea has been spared this measure in the annual report of the State department on terrorism, that covers the year 2009. At the end of June, the American diplomacy had estimated that the torpedoes weren't an act of terrorism, but a provocative operation occurring between two armies. On the other hand, Iran remains the “principal state support of terrorism” because of the support it brings to the Hamas and Hezbollah, according to the report.

source: Le Point.fr  (French article)
Translation by myself.
(You know who to brick if you find errors, now.)

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