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Lee Seung Gi = Korea's next best MC?

To be an MC is a difficult endeavor, especially if you want to become a renowned one. You have to be able to advance a show smoothly while entertaining the viewers and staying on track, a task that is easier said than done. In the current generation, when you think of MCs, several names come to mind, such as Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk.

So how about the generation to come?

On the 4th, SBS Strong Heart PD Park Sang Hyuk put his confidence in Lee Seung Gi to be the next best MC: “There are many people nominated to become next generation’s best MC, but among those, I think Lee Seung Gi will take the honor of being the next best MC. I am sure that Lee Seung Gi will follow Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk’s steps in becoming the next best MC.”

As singer, actor, and entertainer, Lee Seung Gi is the very definition of a multi-faceted talent. In addition, it is not an exaggeration to say that he has succeeded in all his varying activities. In other words, he is a celebrity who truly fits the name of an “all-around entertainer.”

There was much anxiety for Lee Seung Gi when he stepped up as an MC for Strong Heart last October. His worries proved for naught though, as Lee Seung Gi got good ratings as an MC, and is now establishing a strong foothold in that area.

But how is Lee Seung Gi getting so much attention even among the very best, experienced MCs such as Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong with just this one show?

Firstly and mostly, it is because Lee Seung Gi holds an image that attracts the love and attention of men and women of all ages. PD Park Sang Hyuk himself pointed this out to be the main reason Lee Seung Gi would be the next best MC, stating that “Lee Seung Gi has a personality that makes him very approachable by anyone. The number of celebrities that hold this kind of strong vibe can be counted with one hand.”

Instead of accumulating public criticism that some celebrities are prone to do, Lee Seung Gi is famous for taking care of his image very well, which also helps in his chances to become a great MC. He entered the celebrity world at a young age and was met with instant success, but through it all, he was always humble, ready to learn, and never did anything that would taint his image. Furthermore, he is now showing interest in charity work, such as helping the needy and giving back to the community.

With his killer smile, approachable personality, and what seems to be an impeccable image, can he do it?

Can he become the next best MC?

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yawn duncare. call me when a female is considered as a candidate.
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