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SNSD's 3rd Anniversary Messages

As today is SNSD’s 3rd anniversary, the girls have recorded voice messages for their fans. Check out the English translations under the cut!

Yes, it is finally SNSD’s 3rd anniversary. Everyone, today is D-Day! Woo~. Ah, first, I want to congratulate Sones for today, and thank you so much for all the Sones who are congratulating us. The time that passed by wasn’t short, but it wasn’t long either. I hope all of our beautiful Sones will support us and cheer us on like always, and we will show more sides of us as well. There are no words to describe it… I love you, Sones. Thank you. And I am really excited because of you guys. Right now, it’s SNSD!

Jessica: Hello, I’m SNSD’s Jessica. Sones… it has already been 3 years. First of all, thank you for always staying by our side no matter what happens and for loving us so much.
We have Japan activities ahead of us, but we will come back to Korea very often, so don’t forget us! Hehe. Everyone, please stay healthy and I hope everything you guys do works out well, and give SNSD lots of support! SNSD will come back after letting everyone know more about Korea, and after gaining more Sones abroad. Bye everyone! Sones, bye bye! Right now, it’s SNSD!

Sunny: Hello! I’m Sunny from Girls’ Generation! Finally, Girls’ Generation has become 3 years old! Since SONEs and Girls’ Generation are united, you guys are now also 3 years old as well! I thought we were old enough, but I feel like we all became little kids, thinking of how we turned three years old now. Lets stay united forever until we all become old grannies and grandpas! Right now, it’s SNSD!
Tiffany: Hello?… Hello? Annyeonghaseyo (Hello), I’m Fany Fany Tiffany from Girls’ Generation! To all of you Sones out there, first of all, happy birthday! Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap! It feels really different whenever a year passes by. Doesn’t time seem to be passing by too fast?

Yuri: Yes it does!
Oh… Yuri… Yuri says…
Yuri: I love you all!

It’s already been three years… it’s already the third year since we’ve debuted! Because of that, I’m anxious to see what the future holds for us and I’m getting more nervous thinking about it! Wait… it has been a while since I said I’m getting nervous! Anyways, I hope we can be united now and forever! Thank you to all of you Sones for always giving us love and care. We sincerely love you all! Oh gosh, my fingers are curling up! I’ll be ending the message here. Thank you to all the international Sone fans too. We love you! Bye! Annyeong (Bye)! Annyeong (Bye)!
Hyoyeon: Hello, this is SNSD’s Hyoyeon. Has everyone been doing well? It has already been 3 years since SNSD’s debut. I think time went by too fast. Thank you so much to all of our fans who supported SNSD. I think SNSD was able to work hard and come to where we are today thanks to everyone’s support. You guys will continue to cheer us on, right? We, SNSD, will also show everyone that we are working very hard. I love you guys, bye~
Yuri: Hello, this is SNSD’s black pearl, Yuri! Waa~ Hi to all the Sones. Oh~ It’s already our 3rd anniversary. Waa~ I think time flies so fast. During the 3 years with Sones, there were many performances, first albums, first concerts, first wins, and there were so many memories about first everything with Sones. It’s amazing, and SNSD, all nine of us will work hard to stay together for not just 3 years, but 30 years, uhh… 30 years is… is that too long, Fany? (Fany: Nope!) Hahaha~ With Sones, I think it’ll be easy hitting the 300th year. Let’s continue all of this for a very long time. Let’s all be together. Ah~ I sincerely congratulate Sones for our 3rd anniversary!
Sooyoung: SONEs~ I’m SNSD’s Sooyoung~ How have you guys been? Huhuhu… You guys missed us, right? SNSD is doing well while preparing for future activities and working hard. We miss you guys, but we don’t have many chances to see you guys. Mmm, SNSD is finally celebrating our 3rd anniversary! Waah~ clap clap clap clap clap. It seems like our debut in 2007 was just yesterday, but time has already passed by. Truthfully, we have changed, but what we’re most thankful for is because it seems like you guys stayed with us the entire time. There are lots of pretty and sexy girl groups coming out, but I thank you for always looking at SNSD. I’m not worried about going to Japan for activities at all. Please always stay by our side like you guys have all this while~ Promise us, okay? You guys promised! Since it’s been three years already, we’ll come back with a much more mature image. Please wait for us and support us! Bye bye!
Yoona: SONE~ hehe! Hello, this is Yoona! It’s already SNSD’s 3rd anniversary. It seems like it was just yesterday that we debuted, but time flies by so fast. I believe that we were able to receive so much love and to have great things happen thanks to SONEs. Even if we won’t be in Korea for a while, we’ll show our faces often, so don’t forget about us and don’t cheat on us, okay?! From now on, it’s SNSD! Forever SNSD! Don’t forget SNSD, I love you guys!

Seohyun: Hello? Hello? Hello~ This is SNSD’s Seohyun. We’ve already been together for 3 years. SONEs, thank you for staying with us the entire time. I think us nine members and the SONEs have a special relationship, because with your unchanging love since we debuted, we all grew together.  So I believe it’s a very precious type of relationship that doesn’t happen often, and I think we are here today thanks to everyone who stayed with us through the sad and happy times. We will work hard to never disappoint, never change, become more modest, and to become more mature from now on. SONEs, I love you~

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happy 3rd anniversary! *cough*yulti in eachother's messages*cough*

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