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SHINee Post~!

Onew & Taemin @ Star King


Jonghyun & Key @ SGB


SHINee Interview with Nylon Magazine

EDIT Nylon interview has been posted here before, but here is a more accurate translation~

Let’s speak the truth. It hasn’t been that long since we last met, but SHINee was talkative and funny, from beginning to end.
From questions like who eats the most (“Minho eats the most”) to the Alexander Wang sunglasses given to Key by Jonghyun, to what their favorite song from their 2nd album ‘Lucifer;’ there was endless conversation. Saying “If we don’t, clothes are too boring [to talk about],” Key, who wore a blue vest that he studded himself, made more of an uproar when imitating Christina from ‘Chitchat with Beautiful Ladies’ throughout the recording. They had a burst of excitement when they received notebooks as presents from their company. I bet that from then on even if someone was to recite the National Pledge, they would laugh hysterically. I misjudged the seemingly calm-eyed Taemin and Jonghyun, who I thought would be quiet, and I felt guilty because they ate so well, as though they don’t have enough to eat.

Then we went to karaoke for a moment for filming, and if I was to say everything that had happened there, there wouldn’t be enough paper. “I really don’t want to go karaoke to sing our song” “Should we sing 2NE1?” “Buzz is the best at karaoke,” and so on, each person giving their own opinion on karaoke, but before we could choose, the song started. Jonghyun sang with an exaggerated style of mouth-clenching for Rain’s ‘Love Song,’ followed by Taemin singing with a broken voice to Min Kyung Hoon’s ‘It Hurts Because It’s Love,’ they continued their fierce competition of latest songs as not to lose against the other members. Onew didn’t even forget a weird disco-dancing song. While filming their music video a few days ago, are they really the tired members that go home early in the morning? After recording, we giggled at accidentally taken pictures of the members that were unflattering which were stored in their cellphones, they were youngings that posessed an envied youth. In an instant, they made everyone into their fans. Someone asked “Why is SHINee so amazing?,” the correct response was “They’re just cool.”

Next to the question is the name of the member who was to answer.
If you were to come out on ‘Knee-Drop Guru,’ what kind of concern would you address_ Onew

Onew: Ah, I troubled myself about it yesterday, but I kept listening to music and constantly thought about it until I slept at 6 in the morning, but couldn’t decide
Taemin: Not having problems is the problem
Onew: Am I too easy-going? Haha

If you were to take a trip to outer space, who would you go with? There are the possibilities of crashing and of not returning from space_Jonghyun
Key: With me
Jonghyun: I don’t wanna. Haha. I’m going to bring an animal. I don’t think my dog will come. A stray? It’ll come and we’ll become friends. I’ll have to take a Welsh corgi.

Something that you really want people to stop asking?_Key
Key: My ideal girl
Jonghyun: Oh, the answer came out quick
Key: ‘Cause they always ask, and also about my talent
NYLON: Before on ‘Chitchat With Beautiful Ladies,’ you did the impression of Christina really well
Onew: Oh, if they ask you can do that

What is something that you cannot understand why people like so much, no matter how much you think about it?_Taemin
Taemin: Cucumbers, especially in kimbab, there is no way I can eat it; cucumbers in kimbab are like eating rice mixed in with Cola
Onew: (By himself) What about cucumber kimchi

If you were a government official for a day, going to work at 9 and leaving at 6, what would you do?_Onew
Taemin: Sounds like fun!
Onew: Omona! I would sleep at home.
Jonghyun: He’d be straight up fired, an office job doesn’t suit him
Onew: I wouldn’t just be a government official, I’d do something I like
NYLON: But you wouldn’t have a singer’s talent
Jonghyun: What to do! Your voice is ill-behaved
Taemin: Dance instead of sing
Onew: Then I’ll just listen to music, travel and do what I like, I have money right? (laughs) I’ll just imagine that

If you call right now, is there a friend that would come?_Jonghyun
Jonghyun: There is
Key: But he went into military service
Jonghyun: Jiyoung didn’t go into service yet
NYLON: It’s not a girl is it?
All: It’s a guy
Jonghyun: Girls would probably all come. I’m confident the guys will. Actually I don’t have any girls’ number. (laugh)

What is the most ridiculous explanation that you’ve heard about SHINee until now?_Key
Key: Noonas’ romance. And when we went overseas, there are a lot of extreme cases when they called us using modifiers like global, world popstar, those things. If the MC says “Now I introduce world pop star SHINee,” behind stage we become embarrassed and think “Eh?”
Jonghyun: We’re not even Michael Jackson
Taemin: I like the feeling though

What is your most favorite saying_Taemin

Jonghyun: Dust makes dust
Onew: Dust makes eye crust
Jonghyun: If you see one and know all you’re a ghost, if you look before you leap this only your hand will hurt
Taemin: Ah! Look before you leap! Since there are a lot of situations when looks deceive
NYLON: Have you ever been in real trouble?
Taemin: When I went to China, there was a live recording DVD I bought of my favorites, Michael Jackson, Usher, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, but when I watched it, it was a camcorder recording of their performances. That time was the first time I’ve been conned.

If you made a movie, what would be a good title_Onew
Taemin: (giggling) He keeps getting the hard ones
Onew: Why do I suddenly think of ‘Gone With the Wind’? Is the main character just wandering around freely wherever for a living
Jonghyun: Freeman!
Taemin: I want to film ‘Harry Potter’
Key: Because of Emma Watson
Taemin: Is Miranda Kerr filming a movie now?
Jonghyun: Miranda Kerr is a model
NYLON: Isn’t Miranda Kerr with Orlando Bloom?
Onew: Kek, you can’t win
Key: You can want Emma Watson. She gets with weird people. Haha
Onew: Before being a Burberry ad model she was with the Chelsea team owner
Jonghyun: But that was a rumor, so try calling her

If you were to be in a gagman duo, who would you want_Jonghyun
Jonghyun: Yoo Se Yun!
Taemin: They’ll go well together
Onew: I love his song
Jonghyun: He seems really clever and really funny. And I really like his music
NYLON: Then can you do the reggae hair?
Jonghyun: Nope. HahaTruthfully who do you think you look better than and who do you think you look ugly in comparison?_Key
Jonghyun: He looks better than Nicole
Taemin: He looks better than Minho hyung
Key: I think I look better than my dad
Jonghyun: He looks better than his dad and looks bad against his mom
Taemin: Didn’t he look bad against Kang Dongwon?
Key: It’s always hard to pick someone
Onew: I can do it, I look better than a dog..
Key: That’s not funny.
Onew: I look bad against Kang Dong Won
Key: Can you just write that I look better than my dad?

If someone was to not want you, what would be the reason_Taemin
Onew: Now, don’t cry and just answer
Taemin: Because I was selfish. If that person were to not want me, it’s because of thatWhat is something you want to say officially to the member giving up this seat?_Onew
Onew: Minho, get better quick

When you sleep at night, I heard there is an embarrassing memory you think of sometimes?_Jonghyun
Jonghyun: When I sleep, you mean when I kick off the covers and say ‘Ahwoo’? When I dressed up like a girl (everyone laughs hysterically)
Jonghyun: Beginning of our debut I did that a lot
Taemin: I have no idea how many times he’s done it, ah…
Onew: I was more surprised when I saw you

What would make you sad if someone made you throw out something from your house?_Key
Key: I have a lot, but [it'll be] clothes
Jonghyun: Not even one
Onew: Alexander Wang sunglasses
Jonghyun: I’ll throw that out
Key: I don’t like anyone messing with my space, isn’t it weird to use something behind my back?
Onew: If you ask to borrow it, he’ll lend it. I don’t like it when someone uses something behind my back. Who would do that?
Key: When I bought body cleanser
Onew: Right, that time
Key: It was used so quickly (everyone laughs again hysterically) Haha. Everyone must’ve used it thinking it was a present. I don’t like when my mom doesn’t tell me and changes the covers at home, I still use the blanket and pillow from home (laughs) If they suddenly changed I can’t get used to them

If you were to disappear, what would be the reason_Taemin
Key: Ah, this is good
Taemin: It sounds like serious situation, I must have promised myself to walk a different road
Onew: An honest answer, kya
Jonghyun: Cutting all ties
Onew: I wouldn’t do that. Haha
Jonghyun: And he’s cleaning wherever he is. Next time he’ll be Usher (Usher worked as a cleaner and then debuted as a singer)

Even though you use a lot of money, what is the item that is always worth it?_Onew
Onew: Food
Jonghyun: That’s right food always comes back
Onew: And things for my friends are worth it
Taemin: What about spending it on me?
Onew: It’s a waste (laughs) There was a time my friends and I used 500,000KRW (~428.38 USD) in a day
All: Wah! Do you eat ribeye steaks?
Key: That’s a need to be a bit wasteful .
Onew: But I don’t think food with friends is wasteful
NYLON: How does one become friends with Onew?
Jonghyun: They have to be born again
Onew: I have to be born again too, we have to be friends from middle school. My best friends I’ve known since elementary school, I have 2 friends from middle school.
Taemin: I guess you have to know each other for a long time
Onew: Yep, after I debuted I couldn’t leave the house for a while, my mother managed a store, back then when they finished school, my friends worked for me at the store. That’s why whatever we do it’s not a waste.

If you were 007 Bond, who would you like to be Bond’s girl?_Jonghyun
Jonghyun: Lee Min Jung. I’ve been liking her lately. Ah, I’d like it if it were real.

The type of person you hate the most?_Key

Key: A person with no sense. But it’s not that the person has a problem, I’m just saying that the person wouldn’t get along with me

What is your most recent, favorite memory of this week?_Taemin
Taemin: Filming the title song’s MV
Key: I think this is the most difficult. The choreography is great
Jonghyun: Doing it makes you out of breath
Taemin: After shooting the MV when we get out it’s morning, when we get up, it feels like the work was a number of years ago, not yesterday
Jonghyun: Feels like a dream
Onew: Finishing the MV and lying right in bed when we get home is the best, I want to say, ‘So this is what it’s like plopping in bed’

If you were to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?_Onew
Taemin: Steak. I could do it, I like it, I can live off of eating it
Onew: Ramen is something you really don’t get sick of
Key: Even though I eat it for a day, I’m good for a week
Onew: Really? When I was in middle school, I ate three servings everyday for two months
All: Why? How?
Onew: Since my mother and father have a combined income, when I wanted to make something easy to eat, ramen was easy
Taemin: You must make good ramen
Onew: Yep. But I can’t measure out water for 2 people
Jonghyun: I’m the best, I can get up to 4 people
Jonghyun: Taemin adds honey to ramen
Jonghyun: He says it’s delicious (laughs )
Taemin: It was so bland, so once I put in red pepper paste, but it wasn’t right so I put in honey
Onew: You can put in salt and MSG
Taemin: Minho hyung ate it and said ‘Taemin. This isn’t right’
Onew: He criticized it

What would be the standard in saying a person is successful in photography_Jonghyun
Jonghyun: I think if someone listened to some kind of music, saying ‘this is that person’s style’ or saw a drawing, saying ‘that’s someone’s art,’ then that’s being successful. Because it’s hard. But I think anyone can make something like thatHow much is the total cost of the outfit you wore here today?_Key
Onew: (Looking at Key) You better have a good answer
Key: Shoes are 40,000KRW (~34.28USD), pants are 50,000KRW (~42.89USD)
Taemin: Do I have on 2,000KRW (~1.71USD)?
Key: Studs are 90,000KRW (~71.12USD), blue vest 90,000KRW, t-shirt 110,000KRW (~92.26USD), sunglasses 250,000KRW (~214.22USD), but since it’s a gift it’s 0KRW. Is the ring 50,000KRW? I’m a person that buys a lot, I buy a lot of stuff I like
NYLON: But today’s [outfit] not as expensive as I thought
Taemin: Today’s? Haha

Besides family, is there a number you memorized?_Taemin
Key: I don’t think I have one
Jonghyun: I don’t think I have one either
Taemin: My really good friend Minjae’s number

What is text [message] you’ve received most recently?_Onew

Onew: My dad just sent me “Son, you busy?”
NYLON: As luck would have it, your father sent a text
Onew: Now, I’ll show you, it’s just now. 6:24. Dad you have the best timing
Taemin: I got this text, ‘I ate’
Onew: You gotta reply ‘No’

When the other members see you, I heard you have a strange habit?_Jonghyun
Jonghyun: What do I have?
Onew: You sleep with your eyes open
Jonghyun: That’s right
Onew: But that isn’t a habit, no?
Jonghyun: Then when I drink water that my pinky [finger] goes up?
Key: I always say something. Please put it down (imitating) He drinks like this
Onew: No, it’s the left hand

Something the other members don’t believe, no matter how much you say_Key
Key: They told me I was lying that I didn’t have a cellphone and were suspicious of me, I didn’t have time to go on the Internet either but there were a lot of people who asked if it wasn’t an act
Taemin: He didn’t have one for a year, so he couldn’t remember his cellphone pass code (laugh)
Onew: What was worse is that I got excited to call him but I didn’t have his number, what happened was this. I erased it all. It was really in vain.

Someone you want to meet, and what is the first thing you want to ask that person?_Taemin
Taemin: Is this a bit funny? God
NYLON: What?
Taemin: When I have time I go to church, since He knows all I want to ask why He does what He does
NYLON: Suddenly it’s an ontological (nature of being) concern.
Jonghyun: The reason of Creation? (laughs)

A historical figure you like_Onew

Onew: Since I was young I really liked Edison, Edison and Nobel
Key: For me, Helen Keller
Onew: Since I was young I dreamed of being a scientist
Jonghyun, Taemin: I wanted to be a police officer!
Taemin: I also wanted to be President.
Key: I wanted to be an artist and a singer. When I was into learning how to draw, it was so fun
Taemin: I also wanted to be a pilot
NYLON: Wow, all of you didn’t go for academics but went for the arts
Jonghyun: Yep, studying is hard, haha

When does a person seem attractive to you_Jonghyun
Jonghyun: When the person’s voice is beautiful, when a girl’s speech is pronounced it’s very attractive. Though her face would be pretty to look pretty. But if her face is pretty, I’d like her voice too. Haha
Taemin: I think when a girl who’s in pain or delicate looks pretty
Jonghyun: Oh, Taemin’s protective instinct.
Taemin: And when a guy is loyal

Something you promise yourself to do before the world ends_Key
Jonghyun: What to do
Key: I think going home would be good, nothing I do will have meaning
Jonghyun: You have to buy a train ticket
Taemin: I have to go bungee jumping once more
NYLON: Right before the world ends, what’s the reason to do that?
Taemin: I always thought I should do it once more before I die, haha

What is your earliest memory_Taemin
Taemin: I don’t know how old I was but it’s when I was riding a ride at home, I couldn’t get on the slide by myself so my hyung put me on it
Jonghyun: My mother ran a record store, I remember back then in front of the record store there were these flowers that I picked and sucked on
Taemin: The ones that have honey?
Jonghyun: Yep yep
Key: The flowers are red right?
Jonghyun: I sucked on all the flowers (laughs)
Onew: Mine is something ridiculous. It’s a memory of rolling down the stairs; when I was a kid a neighbor hyung living down a street would always bully me, the hyung would push me and I’d faint everyday but the next day I forgot about it so I’d play with him and then get hurt
Taemin: It’s clear that your head got hurt then

What is a fair price for 1 of SHINee’s songs_Onew
Onew: How much is a CD? Is it 13,000W (~11.20USD), then for 13 songs, I guess one song would be about 1,500W (~1.30USD)?
Jonghyun: I think a song would be a bit different, shouldn’t it be about 2,000,000W (~1722.65USD)?
Taemin: He’s being serious, he’s calculating it
Jonghyun: 2,000,000W is a joke but if you calculate for equipment, recording studio rent, our personal expense and the personal expense of the people who recorded us, and copyright, ahwoo, and in addition to that each song has it’s own meaning. I don’t think I can sell them. The name itself is too much. It wouldn’t be SHINee’s song right?
NYLON: Um, I didn’t think of it that far
Jonghyun: Is that so? Haha

Which movie actor do you compare yourself to_Jonghyun
Key: Somehow I think he’d be a sly guy
Onew: Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Jonghyun: With Arnold…
Key: Because he likes to workout
Onew: New Moon’s werewolf, Taylor Lautner?
Jonghyun: When I watched New Moon I said I’d be like him! And I was like, ‘Just watch!’ So like the werewolf I would always have my shirt off inside everyday
If someone were to steal your computer, what would be the first thing you’d worry about?_Key
Key: Pictures! I uploaded all the photos in my cellphone to the computer, I’m worried someone will leak them, no wait, I’d worry that it’s gone first
NYLON: If they were leaked, is there a photo that would stir trouble?
Key: There are some that the company should be a bit worried about, haha

If someone were to give you tens of billions to quit as a singer, what would you do?_Taemin

Key: Is it not to appear on TV or not to sing anywhere at all?
Onew: I’d sing and perform at a club
Key: I think I can do music some other way so I don’t have to perform visually, even at home
Jonghyun: My ultimate goal is to be a composer so if I can’t do that either I won’t accept the offer
Taemin: Originally my dream was to be the best so making a billion is never the best
Onew: It’s tens of billions
Taemin: Ah, if that’s the case I’m sorry but I’m tempted
Jonghyun: All of SHINee’s answer is ‘We’re tempted’
Key: Truthfully since don’t spend money right now and don’t really care about it, we don’t really know the value of money enough to change what we want to do, I don’t know about 5 years from now though (laughs)
Jonghyun: Ask us again in 5 years

source: weareshining4 | BigBangSHINeeWorld4 | Joodit@WRS
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