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KARA's infectious buttdance spreading in Japan!

KARA's 'Mister' music video is being played on the main streets of Shibuya in Japan, becoming a hot issue among fans.

With their Japanese debut just around the corner, KARA recently revealed the music video for the Japanese version of 'Mister' and began full-scale promotional activities. KARA crossed to Japan at the end of July and currently, they are recording and being interviewed for a popular TV program.

After news spread that on the 1st of August, the 'Mister' music video CF would be broadcast on the LCD screen of a building in Shibuya, one of the busiest districts in Tokyo, it attracted the fans interest.

The 'Mister' music video CF is being broadcasted on Shibuya's Tsutaya building. The Tsutaya building is located at the very core of Shibuya, in a central location. The music video CF is being aired through a LCD screen installed on the front of the building. According to Japanese fans, the 'Mister' music video CF airs for 15 seconds every 2 hours.

Besides that, there are also a number of banners promoting KARA's debut spread around the streets of Tokyo, garnering interest as well.

Unlike Korea, which relies heavily on online promotions, the Japanese market focuses mostly on offline promotions and therefore, outdoor billboards are considered an important marketing tactic.

KARA will release their Japanese debut single 'Mister' on the 11th of August.

sauce: newsen
credit: harue @ karaholic

久 々 に 外 に 出た よ,,,
ちょうど韓国からKARAが来てて、ちょうど 韓国 から KARA が 来 て て,
みんなでボーリング、ビリヤート、卓球しちゃった!笑みんな で ボーリング, ビリヤート, 卓球 し ちゃった! 笑

^Thelma Aoyama is a 22 year-old (yes really.) J-Pop artist.

100806 - Asahi TV Super Morning

100805 - Sukkiri

Takahashi Ai & LinLin from Morning Musume doing KARA's buttdance

+sauce: RWLeader, aceham3, thelma aoyama's blog

git it preciousbbgurls.
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