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Fans knickers in a twist because of Inkigayo's collapsing stage

Even though SBS Inkigayo production team has apologised about our collapsing stage, the unhappiness of the TV viewers did not simmer.

Inkigayo staff has posted up an apology through their site forum regarding the incident. The production team, “Part of the front glass stage platforms have collapsed today during the show. We apologise for the worry caused to TV viewers, we promised to be an Inkigayo who take safety as priority in the future.”

But criticisms against the show continues even after the apology. Netizens commented on the forum, “How did they set up the stage?”, “Luckily no one was injured, I cannot imagine if any singer would get injured”, “Inkigayo disappoints”, “When I watched 4Minute perform, I was so anxious for them”, “I don’t know how to trust Inkigayo” etc.

Meanwhile, during 4Minute’s performance of ‘I My Me Mine’ on the show that day, the stage platform had collapsed in in great degree and member HyunA and SoHyun were seen shocked. Even though the 2 had appeared flustered at first, the group continued through their performance.


Source: KBites

Edit: While HwanHee was performing his comeback stage for "While Doing..." the stage also collapsed underneath his feet, confusing the dancers and making the performance slightly weary.
It didn't seem to bother HwanHee if anything it amused him quite a bit. He specifically pranced around on the broken stage making sure that the camera had no choice but to film Inikgayo's poor set production.

thankfully nobody was hurt from either performances but still this isn't the standard we have come to expect from Inkigayo.

Videos: CrazyCarrot350 youtube

1: 25 - 1: 27 in the performance.
GaYoon ILU

EDIT: Added HwanHee's stage fuckery aswell.
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