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BoA got scouted on the streets

You’re probably wondering why Korea’s biggest pop star would get street cast after 10 years of working as a singer. Well it turns out, there are people out there who can’t recognize BoA.

In an interview with OSEN, BoA revealed, “I’ve been street cast recently.”

With the release of her sixth album Hurricane Venus around the corner, she visited Seoul Shinsadong with her staff members to take a break. While walking, someone approached her and asked if she was a model. They then asked her if she would be interested in becoming a celebrity.

BoA was too embarrassed to say that she was BoA so she just told the person that she was a celebrity that’s not that famous. BoA added, “I think they thought I was a model because it was late at night and they couldn’t see my killer heels.”

BoA left the scene shortly after but one of her staff members told her that someone informed the person that she was BoA and the person responded, “That’s what BoA looks like?”

That guy needs to keep up.

aource: akp

lol I don't blame the guy tbh, she's always been really simple looking to begin with, that and the blonde hair is capable of making a person do a double take.
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