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KARA shake almost 5000 hands in Japan

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Gekidan Hitori wishes KARA good luck at handshake event celebrating the group's Japan debut

On August 14, the Korean five-member girl group KARA held their largest handshake event so far at Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo. 20 minutes before the event Gekidan Hitori who confessed to being a huge KARA fan and has been been spreading the word about the girls' charm in Japan, appeared as a fan and wished them the best of luck with their debut in Japan.

KARA are currently enjoying such tremendous popularity that when they held a live event to commemorate their debut in Japan in front of Shibuya 109 on August 11, the crowd literally flooded the streets and the event had to be brought to a halt after just three minutes. Looking back on that day Seungyeon (22) tells us in Japanese, still deeply impressed, "So many people came, much more than we could have hoped for. We were happy when some newspapers and TV stations, and even the Korean news covered the event." "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pictures of Shibuya. I really want to keep on giving my best," Nicole (18) said with determination.

The aforementioned event was held for buyers of KARA's Japanese debut single "Mister" (released on August 11). The live hall can hold up to about 2,400 people, so arrangements were made to hold the same event twice. Long lines of young fans formed because it's summer holiday season in Japan.

More pics from the eventCollapse )

Other sources report that the mini live and handshake event went on for about 5 hours because they had to do everything twice. Gekidan Hitori was also seen wearing a "I ♥ KARA" T-shirt.

Sources: Oricon Style, Sanspo, Sponichi Annex, Nikkan Sports
Translation: fabledlamb @ omona_prection
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