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Rainbow 'A', dizzy leg lines charm blast, boys shake

Group Rainbow has shown giddy charms with military affairs.

On the 20th of August, in the KBS Hall, Rainbow (Kim Jaekyung, Oh SeungA, Jung Yoonhye, Noeul, Kim Jisook, Jo Hyunyoung, Go Woori) was on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank'(MC Song JoongKi, Seo Hyorim) live

Through 'Gossip Girl', Rainbow had shown a cute charm. But in 'A' we could see a higher mature appearance. Rainbow was wearing tank tops with hot pants; to go together they put their hair into ponytails to show more sweetness.

Rainbow said to the reporters backstage after recording that "Although we are wearing the same clothes and hairstyle, there are different feelings" and "We were more nervous for the comeback stage than the debut stage but we were happy about the fans reactions".

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