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MuBank #1 winner BoA and her causal fashion!

Winning her 2nd #1 on KBS Music Bank on 20th August with her comeback song ‘Hurricane Venus’, singer BoA was spotted by fans on her way to the KBS filming studio on the same day.

Many commented that even in her causal fashion, BoA was seen with her charismatic features. Go under the cut for more photos.

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Some popular comments from the KNetizens:

* “She looks cool.. but doesn’t she feel warm?”
* “This looks like some cool paparazziSo photos”
* “BoA style”
* “Really daebak”
* “She looks really skinny”
* “It’s terrible heatwave throughout the country. I feel like perspiring just looking at her sweater”

Tags: boa, fashion

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