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CeCi Magazine's Interview with Infinite


1. How do you feel about the nicknames Kenyan and 9999-dimensional? I think it’s because of my slightly different way of thinking and my taste, style. Heuheu!

2. Even if people see me (as someone who doesn’t have a serious side), I really (have a lot of thoughts and I’m a mom who listens well to worries that our members or staffs have things with my members or the staffs).

3. The mood in the dorm? Really loud. Leader hyung makes jokes, Hoya and Woohyun talk, Sungyeol does unexplainable gestures, and Sungjong’s small voice seems to be talking about something intently but you can’t hear it. L just silently smiles.

4. Which member are you the most jealous of? Hoya and Woohyun’s talking skills. Sunggyu hyung’s clean up comment and his vocals. Sungyeol’s height? But I’m barely jealous about this. L’s nose and Sungjong’s aegyo (cute acts).

5. Then oppositely, who is a member you can never be jealous of? Sungyeol’s chubby cheeks! Because I’m a person of the wild.

6. Charming point? Thick lips, eyes that seem like they’re going to charge, and my behind.

7. What is the girl that you wish could be the “She’s coming coming coming to me” part of She’s Back? If it could be a girl who knows herself well, can love me, and look at me then ‘Thank you~’. (Actress Kim Aekyung’s voice tone)


1. The meaning of L? My real name is Kim Myungsoo. From way before, my gestures or speaking tones, and my image seemed close to Death Note’s L, so people around me called me L.

2. Your charming extract? Eyes. I have a habit of staring hardly at someone’s eyes. So sometimes people get burdened.

3. Your position in the team? A position of putting down our member’s happy atmosphere. If I put it in a nicer way, someone who calms them down.

4. Infinite’s competitive point is? A charm that makes you become friends as soon as you met them. And our fresh liveliness.

5. Something to say about your teacher (They said ‘talking behind his back’ so think it like that)? I want to learn Mithra hyung’s superior ability of humor. If you listen to it once, you can’t get out of it. Sometimes when I wake up, he’s in our dorm bed. I think that’s a bit. (Woohyun: Thra (Mithra) hyung, stop coming to our dorm after drinking alcohol. We’ll welcome you greatly if you don’t drink and come!)

6. People see me as (quiet and cold), but I (can be the most comfortable friend if you befriend me).


1. What are 3 wishes you want to receive from a god? Give me a ticket so we can always get the best award. Give me a ticket to be number 1 in the whole world. And allow our entertainment family to always be healthy and to become the best entertainemtn.

2. Which member are you the most jealous of? L. No matter who looks at him, he’s good looking.

3. For Sungyeol who debuted as an actor first, what does acting mean to you? A bad student that bothers kids in the drama ‘Good Job, Good Job’. A delinquent in ‘Let’s All Cha Cha Cha’ too. Because I usually have a passing delinquent role, I was used to this photoshoot concept. A long time ago, I dreamed of becoming an actor. Acting is an appealing job that allows you to act out someone’s life for them. Of course, now I want to mainly focus on music.

4. Your position in the team? I’m in charge of the chubby cheeks and height in our team. I also have a concept of a nonlikeable 4 year old who doesn’t listen. My charming point is my height~! I keep growing. (CeCi: On your profile it said you were 178. Sungyeol: What? No. Where did it come out like that? Where on earth did it come out like that? That’s not true. I’m~ way taller.)

5. Infinite’s practice schedule? We wake up at 9 in the morning and stretch, then loosen our throats (singing), eat at 11:30, practice singing and our choreography, eat dinner at 5:30, then keep having dance lessons till 3 AM. Infinite practice, practice, practice.

6. People see me (as cute and young), but I have a (charisma) in reality.

7. Which member made your head hurt recently? L! I asked him to scratch my back because it was really itchy, but he didn’t. It was so itchy that I thought I was going to die.


1. Angles to Infinite? Synchronizing. Because our members’ are synchronized, the angles we get while dancing are amazing.

2. Your charming extract? Voluptuousness (alluring charm).

3. Your position in the team? Aegyo. (Cute acts)

4. Infinite’s competitive point is? Our cool dance that has perfect angling.

5. The Infinite that Sungjong sees? Always happy and bright.

6. As the youngest of Infinite? The youngest position is fun and comfortable. The hyungs try to care for me really well, and they tell me things I don’t know about. They comfort me, and because I have a brother who’s 3 years younger than me, I became the youngest for the first time. But the youngest position is more fun that I thought it would be. The youngest’s duty…(Sungyeol: Getting our utensils in a restaurant? Sungjong is a maknae on top [meaning the youngest is usually in charge].) I put down napkins, pur water, but when the hyungs are around, I say different things. Heuheu.

7. Like the lyrics, “I’m going crazy, I can’t handle it anymore”, from ‘Come Back Again’, was there a time when you felt like this? When I want to see my family who lives in my hometown, Jeonrado Gwangju. I release it by talking with the hyungs or listening to music.

8. What is the girl that you wish could be the “She’s coming coming coming to me” part of She’s Back? A fresh and cute girl.

9. What is an idea that goes along with the lyrics, “Look at me because it’s my turn now”, from ‘Entrust’? A more powerful sexy dance part 2 than the one I showed at Saebakwi. There is no limit to sexy dances. (While talking he did Miss A’s dance that showed his unexpectable nimble finger movements).


1. The position of ‘Leader Gyu’? A chain that brings all the members as one.

2. Your charming extract? I’m number 1 singing. Is what I want to think.

3. What is a situtation that goes along with the lyrics, “Look at me because it’s my turn now”, from ‘Entrust’? I was part of a Jeonbuk National University High School’s school band called ‘Beat’. I was the vocal and rapper for a hardcore band that liked Pia, Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit. I’m confident in my passionately singing rock look.

4. What’s the most deeply inspired moment in your life? Passing the company’s audition. When Infinite’s album was released. When I wanted was 20, I loved music so much that I wanted to become a singer and I just came up to Seoul blindly with a friend. I did a lot of various jobs, and came here through many auditions. It’s touching that my dreams are slowly becoming fulfilled one step at a time.

5. Your position in the team? Not as a leader’s instict, but as my duty, nagging attack.

6. Infinite’s competitive point? Truthful by not making anything up, always healthy and happy. And also, we’re endlessly trying and improving.

7. Something to say about your teacher? Nell was my idol. I have their albums when they performed as underground artists before releasing an official album. A point I don’t want to be like them…(Empty mute space) nothing. If there’s something I’m better at, it’s dancing.

8. Like the lyrics, “I’m going crazy, I can’t handle it anymore”, from ‘Come Back Again’, was there a time when you felt like this? Not too long ago, we went to a district performance and I was dancing when a giant bug attached to my body and wouldn’t fall off. It was really tiring.

9. What is the girl that you wish could be the “She’s coming coming coming to me” part of She’s Back? A girl who’s smiling look is pretty.


1. The charm for looking old (노안 means looking old but it sounds weird in here)? Experience. Give comfort to another person.

2. What’s the most deeply inspired moment in your life? First debut stage. I put in a lot of time to try and run towards something myself and for it to come true. That was the best day of my life.

3. Your position in the team? Aegyo (cute acts), gag, nagging, sweeping.

4. The morning in the dorm? Manager hyung always wakes me up first. I hurry and shower in the bathroom, then I go to wake up the next person. At this time I wake up the member who seems to sleep a bit detestably, Sungyeol. Then I wake them up by order and send them to go shower. If the line in front of bathroom is full, there is always the last member who shampooes in the kitchen.

5. Infinite’s competitive point? Our musical ability that we will show gradually. A friendliness that seems like a friend next door.

6. People see me as (cool), but I am (cool person) in reality.

7. If you can win the newcomer award that you pictured in your mind? Parents, president, department head, manager hyungs, the people who allowed us to come up to here. And we, who came up to here looking at only one thing because we believed in ourselves, we think it allowed us to get this award. We will take this award as the product of our effort. Infinite fighting! Woolim fighting!


1. You’re in charge of the masculinity in Infinite? Seems like it, it just happened. It must be because I have a lot of males in our family and I’m from Busan. Males should act like males.

2. Your charming extract? Charisma.

3. Which member are you most jealous of? The person I’m envious of is Dongwoo hyung. His personality is always positive. I’m envious because with that personality, it seems like he doesn’t get that much stress.

4. The mood in the dorms at dawn (really late night)? Everyone’s so tired that they’re about to die. But besides that time we don’t have any free time so we do things we cannot do at normal times. While falling asleep, we do internet shopping, reading, games, phone calls, reading letters; these small pasttimes.

5. Which member recently made your head hurt? Sungjong. Our youngest, Sungjong, is going to puberty.

6. Infinite’s competitive point is? Each person has a stronger personality every time you open them up more. Perfect teamwork.

7. People see me as (someone who hasn’t been funny yet), but I’m (really witty and make people explode at broadcasts) in reality.

8. What are five items that you really need for life in the dorm? Notebook, MP3 player, bed, book, air condition (Hoya: We don’t have an air conditioner in our dorm. Because it’s so hot these days, we sometimes turn on the air conditioner in the car and sleep. Members: At this time are talking really loudly)

Source: CeCi Magazine ; Naver Blog (Scans) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)
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