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This is a Shinee + SMtown post

SHINee’s leader Onew recently revealed his ability to drink on the variety show he stars in as one of the hosts.

SHINee, who is currently gaining popularity through their latest album ‘Lucifer‘, starred as a guest on KBS 2TV Night Star.

The MCs of the show asked the group who could drink the most alcohol, all of the members did not hesitate in picking their leader Onew.

Key then explained “Onew was not good at drinking at first, but all of a sudden his amount increased.”

The members also revealed that “Onew does not drink with SHINee members, so I am curious as to who he is always drinking with” cornering Onew into a nervous and awkward situation on the show.

Onew was asked what his maximum limit in drinking was and he answered “I’ve drank 5 and a half bottles of Soju before” surprising the rest of the members and the MC.

You can catch this episode of Night Star at 11:15PM (Korean Standard Time) on the 22nd of August 2010.

Source: tvdaily.co.kr
Translation: netizensusadae @ kpoplive.com

Key still rattling on his leader:
"On YHS/Night Star, (Onew) acts more like a role model, is more kind, listens well to the hyungs; but in fact, it’s not like that. That smile you see on TV? I’ve never seen it before."

Source: onelastlove @ tumblr

SHINee Key’s Best UFO Replies 100811

[Fan]: This is my son ^^ He looks very good
[Key]: Who who who, who told you to steal my son?

[Fan]: [Jonghyun] WOW…it’s quite cute
[Key]: You should know him? kekeke

[Fan]: (JongHyun) Are you finding me in your dreams now? Hehe, returning to the stage again soon, you must be very busy! I will look forward, let’s meet in our dreams!
[Key]: Let’s meet, come behind the 2nd tree in the Hulala bush!

[Fan] Husband, this time should I buy Version A or Version B?
[Key]: Kekekeke honey, buy both

[Fan]: [Onew] Oppa! The song oppa composed is so good! hehe the song is too good!
[Key]: My husband can become a composer (lyricist) now.

Source: UFO Town
Chinese Translation: bobohero @ sm shinee
English Translation: vivz & vicky @ soompi
via shiningshineeworld
mods, I CAN'T find the original sources linked anywhere, I looked for the soompi ones alone for over 30min. Plus I don't understand/read krn/cn so there's only so much I can look for.

SM Town Press Conference, semi-Shinee focused

Credit: as tagged
via: weareshining

And to finish this off with a smile:
Onew sangtae in action!

Source: xxxTouchTheShineexxx weareshining

Taemin's chubby!face is back. Jjong's got more derp!faces. Minho looks like a kid. Key is jealous of others because of his husband... and Onew needs to rest.
I'm taking a guess that Onew's probably drinking with his cast mates from his musicals. :D

edit: Holy crap, sorry mod(s), I didn't realize it had been submitted so many times - my internet was lagging around that time.
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