Jane Bennet (imyoona) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Jane Bennet

Rookie hybrid group F1rst set to make debut

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8 membered rookie hybrid group F1rst with their 8 different kinds of charisma is becoming a hot issue among the public.

After previous singer groups such as Jam, Koyote and Cool, it has been a long time since a new hybrid group consisting of both male and female members appeared.

However, group F1rst is said to be a hybrid group with 4 males and 4 females. Among the recent trend of boy idol groups and girl idol groups being formed, F1rst has the advantage as fans can like both the girl and boy members within the group.

F1rst’s first digital single You Do You Like Me? Me I Like You is a remake of the 1980s hit song sung by male singers Hyun Lee and Duck Lee. This song expresses the honest emotions between lovers and is a very catchy song.

Furthermore, You Do You Like Me? Me I Like You will be available through online music chart Melon on the 27th. The group F1rst itself plans to start promotions for this song soon after, look forward to this talented new group!

Source: AllKpop
Tags: debut

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