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MNET: "'MBLAQ goes to school' to proceed as planned", official announcement

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Cable TV music channel Mnet on it's program 'Kim So Roo's special class- MBLAQ' revealed an official statement regarding the controversy that surfaced.

Mnet through a press release on the 20th revealed "'MBLAQ's challenge to be admissioned to Seoul National University will proceed as scheduled" and said "31 days after today, its scheduled for them to take the actual entrance exam to Seoul National University."

Although they are planning to act as actual college students in "Kim So Roo's special class', some media assume that during the filiming the plans of having the shoot will be cancelled because of the protests of the actual students from Seoul University.

Following that, Mnet said "Before the shooting, they will follow all the formal procedures with the rest of the students at Seoul University," and "MBLAQ will take the the three major subjects and will only start when they pass the exams."

And announced that, "When the MBLAQ members recently went to Seoul National Unversity to get permission, there was a happening due to the large amount of people that gathered" and "It would be best to get an acception from all of the students but it's not an easy thing to do in reality."

And finally they stated, "We will do all our best to make sure the shooting goes smoothly."

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