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4minute to attend Japan's Girls Award 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER!

As part of the group's overseas promotion, 4Minute will be attending Japan's Girls Award 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER on 18th September 2010 (Saturday) at Yoyogi First National Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo. 4Minute will showcase a cool side of themselves by performing a few songs at the event.

Girls Award is the biggest fashion show in Japan, well-liked by many teenagers and young adults. It is also a fusion with music, thus attended by many famous models and artists. The purpose of this event is to spread Japanese pop culture to Asia, then make an impact on the world. Artists attending the event this year include ISSA×SoulJa, W-inds, Kumi Koda and many more. Fashion brands like Forever21 and Armani Exchange will also be present.

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