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Miss A’s Suzy Loses Her Head on Star King

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On the latest episode of SBS Star King, magician Choi
performs his shocking magic trick with Miss A’s Suzy,
leaving her headless.

Looking beautiful in her red dress, Suzy served as Choi HyunWoo’s
assistant for his latest magic act on Star King. Known for making various
idols stars like SNSD’s Yuri and After School’s Kahi
disappear on other shows, this time around it was time to cut someone to pieces
leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

After making sure Suzy was in place inside a big box, Choi HyunWoo used a sword
to decapitate smiling Suzy. The box then divided into seven parts with
Suzy’s fingers still moving at both ends. But all of this wasn't
enough for the magician as he took the part of the box where Suzy's head
was, moved it to another place and then suddenly opened it revealing…
Suzy’s adorable smiling face!

The expression on everyone's face was priceless, including fellow members
Jia and Fei who screamed in shock after seeing their
maknae's head apart from her body but still being as cute as ever. As the
magic trick ended, Suzy was put back together and she was able to join her miss
A members.

Choi HyunWoo also performed other magic acts with crackers, a dice and a coin,
together with Gain and Jea from Brown Eyed Girls, CN
Blue's Jungshin
and other guests.

Want to witness these extraordinary acts yourself? Check out the videos below!

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