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LeeJoon looks like... (aka Uwere2lazy to check the Gain post) and Yesung meets his childhood idol

We’ll give you a hint: He’s the one and only charismatic leader of Super Junior.

That’s right! MBLAQ’s LeeJoon has found a celebrity look-alike in Super Junior’s LeeTeuk!

On a recent episode of Star King, a GaIn look-alike came on the show and guests were challenged to pick out the real GaIn from crowd. While on the topic, the other celebrity guests decided to pick out their own look-alikes, and LeeJoon was one of them.

LeeJoon has long have had the reputation of looking like mentor Rain. However, he surprised everyone by claiming that he looked more like Super Junior’s LeeTeuk! LeeTeuk quickly ran up and stood next to LeeJoon, and the pair shocked the audience with their uncanny resemblance. With a similar look and smile, these two could be mistaken for brothers!

Check out the full look-alike segment on Star King below. (LeeJoon/LeeTeuk cut begins at 6:59)

Source: goginim@newsen.com
Video Source: MAEBM2011 @youtube
Translation: J00NiEx @AbsoluteMBLAQ
Written by: tiffieLALA @KPOPLIVE.com
Click on the absolutemblaq link if you want to know who the other lookalikes were in the cut.

Super Junior’s YeSung Gets Surprise Visit from His Childhood Idol

Being an idol does not mean that you are not a fan of other idols. Super Junior’s YeSung recently expressed his happiness in meeting his childhood idol, Jung WooSung at SM Town Concert.

YeSung updated a picture of him and the actor Jung WooSung on his twitter with a caption saying, “The meeting between Yesung and Woosung-hyung – my idol since high school.” He was seen standing shyly beside Jung WooSung with a shy smile.

Afterwards, he posted another photo of Jung WooSung with his fellow Super Junior members, KyuHyun, EunHyuk, SiWon, and ShinDong. He described the photo by writing, “At wine party after SM Concert , Woosung-hyung says he really likes SuJu~ Can you say “I’m Jung~Woosung!!” again”.

Netizens who were excited to see Jung WooSung’s surprise visit to Super Junior left comments such as “Wow, it’s really Jung WooSung!”, “WooSung is a fan of SuJu too?”

It is wonderful to see idols support each other, don’t you agree?

Source: ppbn @newsen.com
Translation: LaCrymaMosa @sj-world.net
Written by: rose1363 @kpoplive.com

I am amused at the title of Yesung's newsen article: "Actor Jung Woosung and SuJu revealed intimate photos". And wow, I never noticed that TeukJoon kinda do look alike... the smiles/eyesmiles are similar. o_o
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