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"The Man From Nowhere" to be released in the US in Oct.? + Won Bin's new CFs

Cuckoo Pink Rose - Cooker CF 30s

WB & Shin Minah - T.O.P's CF cinema ver.

'Man from Nowhere' is a thriller coming to U.S.

[29/08/2010] Actor Won Bin ("Mother," "My Brother" and "Taegukki") stars in a new Korean blockbuster,"The Man from Nowhere,"scheduled for U.S. release in October. He plays ex-special agent Cha Tae-sik, who tries to save a young girl, So-mi, from drug dealers who also trade in human organs.

The traffickers kidnap the girl and her drug-smuggler mother, promising to release them if Tae-sik makes a delivery for them, according to a plot synopsis from film distributor CJ Entertainment.

Source Videos : coolguywb
Source news : WB Thailand , staradvertiser
izjjhqidkjjsqhdikqjdi @ CFs, now hopefully we will announce that this film will be released in Europe :D
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