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My future husband and his friend's ratings rise after their flop beginning

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
and Playful Kiss both premiered last week to lower-than-expected ratings. Both were highly anticipated dramas starring idols with big fanbases, so it came as a disappointment when both were dealt low single-digit ratings.

Weekend rebroadcast numbers have come out, and both dramas put in respectable showings in the reruns — not outstanding, but solid. Sungkyunkwan‘s original broadcast brought in 6.3% ratings for both its episodes, and the reruns drew a 5.3% and a 7.1%.

Playful Kiss had an even more difficult premiere, with a shockingly low 3.5% and 3.7% for its first two episodes. Its rerun numbers came in at 4.2% and 6.6%.

Rerun numbers aren’t usually brought into the discussion unless the original broadcasts were very low, which is the case for both these dramas. They’re also not usually worth getting excited about unless the reruns are very high — say, double digits. For example, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho premiered with a 12.7%, and it was an added surprise when its rebroadcast drew in an impressive 16.1% rating. But there’s consolation in the fact that Sungkyunkwan‘s and Playful Kiss‘s rebroadcasts outperformed the initial airings.

One Playful Kiss rep said, “It’s true that the original ratings were very disappointing. Because the rival dramas are solid, I think we’ll have a hard time performing as high as we’d expected. Even after Baker King Kim Tak-gu ends, it’ll be difficult because the following drama is Runaway. However, since the rebroadcast ratings came out high, it’s been a big support to the production team who are working hard on the set.

A Playful Kiss producer said that the “real battle” begins on the 16th, after Baker King ends, and that they are comforted at overseas and online reactions to the show.

Via IS Plus, Sports Chosun
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