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Onew using those spicy fingers to tackle the guitar?

Onew Tries a Guitar on For Size

Between promoting a hit album, going round the other end of the world for concerts, and attending to the needs of his dongsaengs, Onew has yet another gig.

As previously reported, SHINee’s leader is starring as the lead character in Korea’s performance of Broadway musical Rock of Ages. We have updated you with shots from the pictorial and Onew at work. Take a look at another one below, as the idol tries on a guitar for size.

With a few more weeks of practice on those strings, Onew should look a little something like this onstage.

An impressive transformation, don’t you think? The dubu leader’s fans can catch him and his other SM Entertainment cast members when the musical premiers in Korea this September.

Source: shaziki, via chocolatheia@weareshining
Written by: aetria@kpoplive.com

Jay, Onew, Dana's pictures/screencaps on k-RoA's twitter

Rehearsal from last week(?)
Jay & Dana

Onew & cast(?) - is that Jay wearing a cap?

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Expecting "Dubu, you can strum me anytime with those spicy fingers of yours" and/or
"Jay, we can practice together whenever you want" comments.
*cackles... and gets bricked*
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