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Jaejin wants Nichkhun to Join FT Island

While making an appearance on tvN’s ‘Newton,’ FT Island’s Jaejin confessed to wanting to have 2PM’s Nichkhun as a part of his group. The reason for this wish, however, may not be what you think it is!

Jaejin made this statement after listening in on fellow member Lee Hongki’s answer to the question, “Who was the most popular idol during your activities in Japan?: “Me, who appears on the screen the most.” The members then complained, “Hongki always tries too hard to get at least his foot on the screen!”

Jaejin took it a step further and made his wish about Nichkhun. But what was his basis for such a wish? “By recruiting Nichkhun hyung,” the idol explained, “I want to break Hongki hyung’s narcissism.”

Looks like Hongki’s going to have to humble down before Jaejin’s wish actually comes true!

Translation: Naver
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Tags: f.t island, lee hongki, nichkhun, tv shows
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