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Secret escape their basement dorm

Secret escaped from their basement dormitory and enjoys more personal space now.

The girls appeared on Mnet ‘Beatles’ Code’ aired on 9th September and said on the show, “Finally we get to escape and move out from the dormitory located in the basement.”

They added, “Finally on 21st May, we moved a new house of our dreams. The apartment is on ground level and there is good lighting exposure. Even though there are only 2 rooms, we had bunk beds in the rooms hence giving us more personal space.”

The girls explained that back in their old dormitory, the girls would get into one another’s way since there is limited space. And when they do, comments like “Can you just excuse me?” are common. But now in their new dormitory, having more personal space is an exciting change for them.

source ~ sookyeong

thank god! I guess they'll have to drop the basement-dol moniker now tho
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