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Japanese netizen group attacks “Photoshop Generation”

While SNSD is showing signs of remarkable success in Japan with their entrance into the music market, a group of Japanese netizens have recently been showing a bit of hate. These netizens have been attacking the group not only through online posts, but also by protesting broadcast companies that air SNSD as well in an effort to put a stop to the ‘Hallyu Wave’.

Japan’s biggest community site, ‘2CH,’ made a post on the 9th titled “Don’t Be Fooled By the Fabrication of SNSD,” and is currently attracting high notoriety. The post put up various images of SNSD posters along with captions of SNSD on TV, claiming that the ‘beautiful legs’ shown on the posters are nothing but the work of photoshop, and that the legs in the posters are stretched by at least 10 cm.

Another netizen circulated pictures of SNSD that he photoshopped himself, purposely shortening their legs in a rather strange manner.

Other netizens that came across the pictures left comments such as, “The SNSD members were treated with photoshop so their entire image must be a lie.”

However, this was not the end of 2CH’s havoc. They went on to spam pictures comparing past and present photos of SNSD members on various internet portal sites, making claims like, “All of them have had plastic surgery.” They’ve been going above and beyond in order to make sure that their distaste for SNSD is heard.

They have also been making posts declaring a boycott against broadcast companies that air positive segments on SNSD. “We must spread the pictures proving that SNSD is actually ‘Photoshop Generation’ so that they can never come back and empty the wallets of us innocent Japanese.”

Despite the movement of such groups, SNSD’s Japanese debut single album has been taking Japan by storm, ranking first in various music portal sites, mobile sites, movie, and video club sites. “Genie” managed to rank top 5 on Oricon’s daily single chart and even recorded a surprising 80,000 pre-order.

New York Times also released an article on August 29th criticizing such behavior by stating, “The reason such hate is being drawn out is because of Japan’s economic recession and the side effect of their political decline. These netizens are mostly young adults that are low paid and use the internet to release their anger and disappointment in their own lives against foreigners.”

Korean netizens were rather highly amused with such reports, leaving comments such as, “What are they saying? I can’t understand monkey language,” “But you can’t really deny it either,” “So are they envious or what?” and “Looks like SONEs will be crashing 2CH soon.”

original source: nate
v.i.a: allkpop
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