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Goddess Yenny's Diary Entry, “It’s Yenny’s September Day! Keke”

It’s Yenny’s September Day! keke | 03 September 2010

Right now we are in Seattle!
The cool thing is that we’ve never had Yenny’s Day written at the same place… Haha ke
I think October’s Yenny Day will be written in the city of another country. Does anyone know where it will be?! keke
I wanted to write as soon as we got off, but I was so tired and slept a little bit…then we had a meeting and ate…
It’s 8:30 PM here~ 11:30 in Korea?
I decided not to receive questions, so I don’t know what to write ke

First, we spent most of this past August in Korea and other areas of Asia!
We went to our Taiwan and China schedule..We spent our time in Korea leisurely ke
I met up with friends and family~ and enjoyed my hobbies ke
As you may all know, lately I’ve been really into baking^^;;
Every time I see malicious comments about my work tears fill my eyesㅠㅠ
But everyone who’s tasted it said that it’s delicious! So I’m very happy Haha kekekeke

Yubin Unni and SoHee got their license!

We haven’t been able to go for a ride because they got it yesterday in Korean date, but they both say that they are good drivers ke
And HyeLim has started to become interested in nail art, so the color of her nails keep changing keke
The good deed that SunYe secretly did recently was discovered….We didn’t know either! Our Leader Min is so cool! keke
Our SunMi is doing well! I baked her brownies, but I hope it’s good… I didn’t taste it before sending it…ㅠㅠ

We plan to stay in Seattle for two days and then go back to New York!
When we return New York’s Fashion Week will be waiting for us…! > _ < kekekeke
Being an outsider of fashion you can’t help but to be excited and look forward to it ke


Oh, high school year 3 students in the country! How was your practice exam?? keke
Don’t be too discouraged about your practice exam results. The Standardized Korean University Entrance Exams are different..!
If you work hard and be persistent like you have up until now, there will be better results ^^

Oh, and,
Lately we got together and have a study group~ Should I call it a Wonder Study Room kekeke
We bring words that we don’t know and look it up, and quiz each other with the words, and play games…
If you can’t study by yourself, getting together with friends to study isn’t a bad idea!
It’s much more fun and enjoyable to help each other with things you don’t know~ ^^
So I’m off to study!
Next month’s will be longer…. ^^;;


source: Wonderfulsworld
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