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Onew Playdb+RoA rehearsal pics, Jjong,Jungmo&FTI in Nassun's twitter, H2 pics with ZLY&f(x)

Onew Impresses PlayDB Reporter
Dubu leader or not, SHINee’s Onew is undeniably talented. He is one of the lead vocalists and a powerful dancer to one of the popular boy groups today, and he is establishing his acting chops in musicals too. It easy to notice, as a PlayDB reporter surely has.

In a Twitter post, the reporter says: “These days idols.. they’re really incredible. Even though the system is like that, this is called the will and spirit that way exceeds others’ expectations! Expectedly, Onew-sshi whom I met in his busy time, surprised me. ^^;”

The young leader surely works hard! Catch Onew with SHINee today as they give another powerful performance of Lucifer in KBS Music Bank.

Source: shiningdream@shineee
Translation: shinee-cassie.co.cc
Written by: aetria@kpoplive

Playdb official pictures

Pics of Rock of Ages rehearsal

Tweeted pictures

Onew at Rock of Age live rehearsal 2010-09-10

with Moon Hye-won (from rock band Biuret, was also in Akilla with Sungmin?/shares main role with The Grace's Dana and Sunday) and Kim Jaeman (also from Brothers Were Brave, aka the man who talked about Onew's muscles)

Whore!Jjong finally appears on someone's twitter

with Jonghun Jonghyun Hongki Jeongmo

H2 pictures

Source: playdb.co.kr via WRS 1 2, k-RoA's twitpic 1 2, Nassun's twitter, WRS, H2 via WRS

Some of those RoA's rehearsal are so unflattering and derpy they're hilarious. And uuurg, his hairstyle in those H2 pics. D: Why, Dubu? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I kinda want him back to his shorter hair. :|

Sorry about the edit mods but it seems like TINYPIC IS PLAYING TRICKS AGAIN so I apologize to any of you who are getting any disturbing pictures. Keep refreshing, you might get some funny crap... or you might eventually finally get the original picture.
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