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Sung Si Kyung aka the Prince of Ballad, is back

Singer Sung ShiKyung’s First Performance After Military Discharge
Ballad singer Sung ShiKyung has made his first comeback after returning from his 2-year mandatory military service earlier this year. Appearing on MBC‘s Bae ChulSoo’s Music Camp, the singer was able to showcase his unforgettable talent once again.

Many missed Sung ShiKyung’s voice after he began his military service in 2008. The ballad singer was able to release Volume 6 before leaving to complete his service. Although there’s no official news of a comeback planned for him, Sung ShiKyung was still delighted to be able to sing once again.

After making a careful decision to appear on the radio show, the singer shared, “I’m really happy to be promoting my comeback through Bae ChulSoo’s Music Camp. This place is comfortable to talk openly and sing. Also I’m a fan of Bae ChulSoo, and maybe it’s because I had been a MBC Radio DJ but this place is comfortable for me.”

Check out Sung ShiKyung’s powerful Break Up One More Time music video:

(OP note: this is not a recent MV)

Sung ShiKyung was able to perform five songs including It Would Be Nice and The Last Time. He was able to share with listeners about his life after being discharged, plans of a new album and a concert for October.

Source: Baek SolMi@mydaily.co.kr
Translated by Julez@kpoplive
Written by wonderwonders@kpoplive
Video: aca6nisa

좋을텐데 (though) It would be nice/good

The Last Time (an Eric Benet cover) can be watched here because I can't embed it.

Source: koreapop9

HE WAS RELEASED IN MAY. HOW THE FUCK DID I NOT KNOW THIS? I totally fell in love with him when I got into k-pop and was heartbroken to find out that he was in the army at that time. :_:
For you Kyu!fans, he's one of Kyuhyun's favorite singers. He's also imitated SSK often with his singing and the famous "sleep well~" quote that SSK always ended his nighttime radio show with (I think the two of them have quite similar voices).

Sorry about the edit mods but it seems like TINYPIC IS PLAYING TRICKS AGAIN so I apologize to any of you who are getting any disturbing pictures. Keep refreshing, you might get some funny crap... or you might eventually finally get the original picture. :|Changed host for now.
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