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Heroes' Nicole and Lee Jin ... will adapt like Lee Seung-gi?

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Heroes have been aired for about 2 months now, the ratings were a mix of highs and lows, even amongst the 12 members have been slowly replaced.

Na SaeYoon, Yoo Inna, and Seo InYeong are amongst the members that first joined as casts and played center roles. With being a bit weak in Korean, Nicole who has not been on entertainment show for awhile including Lee Jin have found difficulty to adapt the show as well.

However, ‘Heroes’ PD Park Song Hun had a different view. He (PD) thinks it was hard to see the soft, tender, and gentle characters that these people have shown throughout the first part of the episodes. Park PD said, “Nicole appeared to be a pure innocent look and Lee Jin is very well prepared for the juniors, I think, rather than trying to be comedic (funny), showing these kind of heart-melting characters are more important.” Nicole’s Korean may not be very good and not quite suitable for variety show but that can be of interest for the episode as well. Just like Lee Seungi on ‘2 Days 1 Night’ he appeared to be ordinary during earlier stage of the show but he grew upon it after wards and both Nicole & Lee Jin appeared to be like this kind of character.

Park PD said, “At this sensitive moment, seems like it (the show) will undergo some changes.” ‘Heroes’ aimed to give a glimpse of the popularity of women artists, this was set as the early concept of Heroes, we are preparing for a new one (concept) for the long run.

Source: SPN
Translated by: aank1 @ Karaholic

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I think this show is the closest thing to Family Outing rn <3
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