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T-ara's "little giant," Boram, and her thoughts on becoming leader

T-ara's new leader, Boram (24) experienced hard times while being made the new leader.

In a recent interview with SPN, "In July, our agency decided to reorganize T-ara and we were all upset over it," Boram said, "but not now. I definitely am looking forward to the changes to take place officially." In July, Core Contents Media said that "the existing six-members of T-ara will be reinforced with a new seven-member image and a new leader will replace Eunjung."

Boram said, "T-ara has only gotten better since our debut and we've had any problems before within the group. I hope that I can keep this up and be as good as a leader as Eunjung. After becoming the leader, I had to take us on as a team and accept and understand everything." Boram said her first thought on being leader was "bad" and "asked them if it was a mistake."

"I have to play the role of the elderly mom and dad to the T-ara members I thought at first, which lowered my motivation, but after preparing to be leader for a month I realized I was natural at being a leader and that the future would be good." After becoming leader, her look has changed as well. During "I Go Crazy Because of You" she weighed 46kg (101lbs) and at the moment she currently is 40kg (88lbs). Since she is only 155cm, it's important to align the balance of her body. She plans to get to 38kg (83lbs) before their comeback.

Boram said, "It's not easy to subtract weight, I should have done it sooner since it's harder than I thought."

T-ara is scheduled for an October comeback with a brand new album tentatively titled, "T-ara". They'll be doing activities with the new member, Ryu Hwayoung as well. Boram said on this, "fans will see quite a different look" and encouraged anticipation.

source: edaily
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ Diadem

Rumour has it their new song is produced by E-TRIBE! Excited :)
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