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Yoochun's interview with KBS2

'Please take a look~ My forehead has a different colour compare to my face right? This is the medal I received after wearing headgear during shooting.'

He was once a singer being described to have 'milky, elastic skin' and a bright smile, who sang
"I want to be your room and bed one day" (Yoochun's part in HUG), and has captured the hearts of women. However, now he has become a man with sun-kissed tanned skin. His tan is still acceptable, what is unexpected is that he wears a pair of shoes similar to ballet shoes. "I feel more comfortable in them compared to rubber shoes." He wears those shoes in his daily life too. Walking on the street in a pair of skinny jeans and with his hands on the back... This is Micky Yoochun.

He plays the role of Lee Sun Joon in KBS drama series 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'. This drama is about a love story which revolves among scholars. Ah! By the way, he also uses his original name, Park Yoochun instead of Micky Yoochun as his cast name. On the 7th of this month, (the interviewer) met up with Yoochun, who arrived after he finished his shooting in Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju and Gyeonggi-do. Yoochun who popped out from the van said,"It has been a long time since I am back in Seoul."

My acting skills raises controversial? I will do it better in the future.

-How do you feel now that you are finally back in Seoul?
-I haven't come back for a long time. I went for a drink with Jaejoong and Junsu when I got back yesterday. There's little chance we get to gather like that. I miss the atmosphere. We even watched the live broadcast of 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'.

As the leader of four, I will certainly be concerned about my skin care, as for the wine... (covered his face with both hands) Ah, I really only drink a little bit. Hahaha...

Lee Sun Joon is the perfect man with brilliant brain and outstanding appearance, but since he
stands firm on his principles, he indirectly causes hatred from the others. Together with Kim Yoon Hee, who disguises herself as a man, the cunning Goo Yong Ha and rebellious Moon Jae Shin, they are called the Jalgeum quartret.

-What do you think after watching the drama you starred in?
When I watched the first episode I really didn't know how to evaluate it. Because I was too nervous, I even forgot how I watched it that time. When I watched it again, I realised that there are some parts which I didn't do well and I regret about it. Apart from that, it is pretty amazing to see a totally different me standing on stage.

-There are lots of different opinions about your acting.
Some people said my acting skills is still acceptable since this is my debut in acting. There are some people who praised me, and some who pointed out my weakness in pronunciation and the way I interpreted my lines. I know all of these. I didn't notice it during shooting, but I do have 'I should have acted like that' that kind of regretful feelings when I watched the playback... I was too exaggerating when saying some lines... In contrary, there are also scenes that I am satisfied with my acting skills. I will work harder next time.

-Is there any difference between the drama and the original novel?
Sun Joon, as described in the novel is gentle. Although Sun Joon in the drama is a person who holds firmly to his principles, however, eventually he became gentle in the later part of the drama. In the future I might not know the exact way to express it but at the same time I want to act it well, so I will always show everyone the hardworking Sun Joon.

(SungKyunKwan Scandal' is based on a popular novel 'Lifes of SungKyunKwan Scholars' written by Jung Eun Gweol which was published in 2007.)

-Kim Young Shik PD describes it as 'a sexy romantic drama'
Ah hahaha... There are sexy scenes in the original novel. As for the drama, instead of describing it as sexy, it is better to say that it can convey special feelings to people.

-After watching the scene where you exposed your body, all your colleagues laughed at your untonned body.
I like sports, but I don't go for gym. That's because my image is thin... I have complaint to my agency before this. Whenever TVXQ's members are building their body, I am always excluded.

-Is there any similarity between you and Lee Sun Joon?
Yes. He will hide his sorrow. As a person who adheres firmly to his principles, he causes embarrasement to the others unintentionally. I wasn't worried that much at first, but it caused me to become more and more isolated. Maybe I am quite use to being lonely so I want to act it out well. Sun Joon in the later part of the drama will become tender, I think he has become more similar to me at that time.

He said the Sun Joon in episode 1 and 2 is 100% of Sun Joon, but there are 30% of himself reflected in episode 3 and 4. In one of the scenes of 4th episode, which he snores with an open mouth after being drunk is an impromptu act in front of the camera. He was supposed to sleep charmingly as if he was in a potrait.

-There must be times when Sun Joon who advocates for his principles causes frustration to the other people.
From my point of view, his attitude of being strong headed is unpleasant to the others at times. But the drama has just begun... you guys will understand when the plot develops further. No one can only insist his own principles and believes. Sun Joon can express it well but I can't. If I have to choose one as my guiding principle, it will be 'concern'. I am particularly sensitive in taking care of the others. Although I have the will to do that, I still think that I have not done enough.

-Recently appears lots of fans of Sun Joon, Yong Ha and Jae Shin in the internet. All of you have different charm. Yoochun, if you are a lady, who will you be attracted to?

I will choose Jae Shin. I feel I will be rejected by Sun Joon since he hides his feelings too well.

-What's the beauty ranking of Jalgeum quartret? It is rated according to the beauty but not handsome?

He seemed to get a bit panic and he opened his eyes widely like the rabbit's eyes. Then, almost immediately, he showed his mischievous smile.
"Min Young is a girl... Even so, I am still prettier than her. Let me be no.1, Min Young be the second, Joong Ki hyung takes the 3rd place and Ah In the last."

Maybe he felt bad for placing Ah In at the humiliating bottom position, he quickly added ,"If the ranking is determined by attractive appearance, Ah In will be the first undoubtedly"
"I think Ah In will have the highest popularity by the end of the drama. His character is tough but has an adorable side at the same time. He is really attractive."

-How's your cooperation with Park Min Young?
I am getting along with her well. She helps me a lot. In fact, I want to convey my gratitude to all the actors. Whenever I am shooting alone, they will always help by giving response to me from the place which is not within the camera's range, so that I can indulge more easily into my acting. Even though they can't help me like this in the future due to their busy acting schedule, and even if I am alone I would like to do my best too.

-Sun Joon will fall in love with Yoon Hee who dressed herself as a man
Till now there are still some scenes which have yet being shot, so I can only imagine it now. At first I was crazily uncomfortable whenever I think of falling in love with a man, but then I tried to think from another angle... I am not falling in love with a man but on the contrary with a person who i adore which eventually have become a man... After thinking that way I am able to act more naturally.

-I heard that you are quite choosey when comes to your ideal type... Does Min Young meets the criteria of your ideal type?
Nope, Min Young laughs very loudly, I prefer simple and elegant woman.

Park Yoochun's ideal type is actress Kim Tae Hee. He said," I watched a variety show where Kim Tae Hee sun-bae expressed her concern about me after watching the SungKyunKwan Scandal Press Conference." He emphasized that,"I am really excited and feel thankful to her. I will definitely watch 'Grand Prix' (the film which Tae Hee starred in)"

-Is there going to be a kiss scene with Yoon Hee?
There's none of it till now. If they ever want to shoot a kissing scene, I would like to shoot the aesthetic kiss scene which will cause excitement even among the aunties. Ah! There is a kissing scene between Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee sun-bae in "Iris" after they woke up in the morning. It is so nice to shoot that kind of kissing scene.

-Writing calligraphy? Since it is my first time holding a calligraphy brush, so I use a substitute actor.
In the first episode, I was slapped by Yoon Hee twice, and I nearly fall into a urinal when I accidently stepped on a squid... The challenges face by an actor could seem pretty brutal.
I insisted to take the role of Sun Joon after I read the novel. Seriously!!! I totally didn't expect those hardships. But in the future I think I will encounter more challenges. Everything is okay for me, except that my stomach is really weak. I don't know why I have been feeling nausea when I was filming the scene which I slipped on the squids, and this led to NG for several times. Apparently the squids were alive at first, but they all died due to the hot weather and the continuous NGs. After they died, they smelt worst... I immediately took a bath when I heard 'OK!' from the director.

His facial expression seemed twisted even though he was just describing it. Though, he still smiled and said,"Even so, it was still quite interesting during shooting."

-Have you used a substitute actor?
Basically no. I only use a substitute actor in dangerous scenes. Besides that, I also use substitute in the calligraphy writing scene. Since I spent my childhood in America, I am not familiar with chinese characters. Although I have encountered with some of them during my activities in Japan, it is still the same. This was also the first time I held a calligraphy brush.

-Because of participation of Micky, the 'hallyu star' in this drama, Japan has bought the broadcasting right before the airing of SungKyunKwan Scandal. The copyright of the original novel also being sold to Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and China. Rather to label SungKyunKwan Scandal as a domestic drama series, it is a series more likely for Asian countries.
The pressure is directly proportional to the degree of attention garnered. Because this is my first drama, so I have great desire to create a good piece of work. During this period of time, my mood is better since I want to make a good drama and is working consistently in Asia.

During the interview, he suddenly asked the staff about the viewing rate.

"About 7.5%" (staff)
"Haighz... If it is such a case, we just rounded it as 8%" (Yoochun)

He felt sorry as the viewing rate was only a single digit. However he immediately told the reporter in a glad manner that the real time rating was over 10%. With the rating data analysis in his hands, "I care about it very much. I feel relieved when I heard that viewers think that the drama is interesting. There were people who told me the drama is good even when I went to rest room. Many people don't know but those words has given me a great motivations."

-Dong Bang Shin Ki's group dancing is very famous for its precision and accuracy. Does that habit helps you when filming for SungKyunKwan Scandal?
I am doing it unconsciously. In fact the message can conveyed differently by the way you lift your hand in many different manners. Although I still look a bit stiff now, but I will still pay attention to every movement of my hands and legs.

-Since you can memorize the intense dance choreography, 'physical acting' is not a big deal to you.
Ah hahaha... The scene which I fell down during walking was praised by the others since I acted it out naturally. It is really amazing that I am able to pull it off since I never practice it before.

Suddenly, Hero Jaejoong sat next to him. Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu were coming for a commersial shoot that day. Hero Jaejoong who was in the midst of putting his makeup, came to peep on Yoochun.
When he was asked about his opinion on Yoochun's acting, he said:
"It seems so-so to me. I am not saying his acting is bad, it is just because I am aware of what kind of child Yoochun is. He has lived in America before and now has become a SungKyunKwan's scholar. Sun Joon's character speaks about moral, but Yoochun..." (Hero Jaejoong)

"If you say like that, then I have to restart my interview all over again." (Park Yoochun)

Even though his (Jaejoong's) words are unpleasant, he actually didn't mean like that.

"Hero Jaejoong particularly watches my drama through DMB. Xiah Junsu always call me when he finished watching and cheers me up. When I felt upset about the low ratings, they told me that the drama is interesting and encouraged me to act well. This gives me motivation."

Go drinking at the place of eating cow intestines when meet again the next time.

DBSK's trio who filed a lawsuit against SM agency for their exclusive contract injunction in 2009 had successful in some parts. After finish filming the drama, three of them will continue their activities again as a group.

"In the future, I want to stop pursuing the idol image. I want to compose a lot of songs in an album which I can add in more personal opinions. In fact, my opportunities to reveal my own talents was limited when I was an idol singer, as my image was planned by the agency. Well, I want to grow mustache and tonned my body a little bit, since I receive complaints in the scene which I exposed my upper body."

By the end of the interview, the atmosphere was more relaxing and comfortable.

"Actually I seldom come to this kind of cafe, it is better to chat while drinking wine..." (Park Yoochun)
"How about I interview three of you when your album is released?" (reporter)
"Sure. We do an interview while drinking in the restaurant which sells cow intestines. I really want to try it." (Park Yoochun)

At the end of the interview, in order to seal the promise, Yoochun sticked out his little finger and crossed with the reporter's and then pressed his thumb on his. He laughed after doing so. The manager said OK too!

Source: Credits: TVXQBaidu + 天下米仓
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSknights
Shared by: DBSKnights

-Yoochun is sad he doesn't have muscles and everyone pokes fun at him
-Both him and his character in the drama are lonely/sensitive/hide their feelings
-SSK may cause people to have *~*special feelings*~*(aka inconvenient feelings)
-He was freaked out about having to act like he ~loved a man~, but after he thought about it, he's totally cool with it
-If he were to have a kiss scene, he'd want it to be a ~morning after~ kiss scene in bed like in 'IRIS' (YES PLZ)
-Jaejoong is an irl troll and pretty much trashed Chun, jokingly ofc
-In the future, Yoochun wants to compose music, gain some muscle, grow a mustache and break from his idol image (AKA try and be more manly)

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