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2010 Seoul Drama Awards

It’s that time of the year again – last night, successful dramas and respected actors and actresses of 2009-2010 competed for top prizes at the 5th Annual Seoul Drama Awards.

Before we move into award winners, it is almost impossible to ignore the luxurious red carpet photos, where celebrities have their fun showcasing their carefully-chosen dresses and suits in front of the flashing cameras.

There were a vast amount of celebrity attendees, including 2AM, Baek Ji Young, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Ji Hyun Woo, Nam Gyuri, and Oh Ji Eun. However, no one could keep their eyes off of Star Golden Bell’s MC Lee Chae Young, who wore a white, above knee-length halter neck dress which put very strong emphasis on her gorgeous figure. Meanwhile, 2AM arrived neatly synchronized in black and white, and Lee Seung Gi looked sharp with his all-black suit, complemented with a black bow tie.

This year’s Seoul Drama Awards expanded their focus on international works by allowing nominations to be eligible for foreign dramas and actors. Additionally, the official site introduced English and Japanese-friendly versions.

The big awards were swept up by dramas ‘Chuno‘, ‘IRIS‘ and ‘Seondeok Queen‘. Lee Byung Hun of ‘IRIS’ (absent) and Jang Hyuk of ‘Chuno’ won the Hallyu Star Male Actor awards, while Go Hyun Jung of ‘Seondeok Queen’ and Han Hyo Joo of ‘Brilliant Legacy’ received the Hallyu Female Actor Awards.

The Hallyu Drama Daesang went to ‘Chuno’ and Hallyu Drama Producer award went to its director, Kwak Jung Hwan.

With regards to the popularity awards, Lee Seung Gi and Chou Vic of Taiwan received the most popular male actor awards, while most popular female actresses went to Lin Ruby of China and Sheh Charmaine of Hong Kong.

The Drama Daesang (the most prestigious award of the night) went to the Japanese drama ‘Shoe Shine Boy‘.

Performers of the night include Baek Ji Young, 2AM, and popular Japanese girl group SKE48.

The full list of winners have been indexed down below:

Excellence prize for best short film: The Day of the Triffids (England)

Highest award for best short film: The Summit (Canada)

Excellence prize for best mini-series: Jin (Japan)

Highest award for best mini-series: KBS 2TV ‘Chuno’

Excellence award for best feature film: Murdoch Mysteries 3 (Canada)

Highest award for best feature film: MBC Seondeok Queen

Best director award: Nick Copus, The Summit (Canada)

Best scriptwriter: Craig Warner, The Day of the Triffids (England)

Award for male actor: Carl-Kristian Rundman (Finland)

Award for female actor: Margot Ros Maike Meijer (Netherlands)

Judge’s special award: Parvitra Rishta (Indonesia) , Ghost 2 (Malaysia) and Where is Elisa (Chile)

Hallyu Drama Daesang: KBS 2TV ‘Chuno’

Hallyu Star male actor: Jang Hyuk

Hallyu Star female actor: Go Hyun Jung, Han Hyo Joo

Hallyu Drama director: Kwak Jung Hwan

Hallyu Drama scriptwriter: Kim Young Hyun, Seondeok Queen

Popularity award for best actor: Lee Seung Gi

Popularity award for best actress: Lin Ruby, Sheh Charmaine

Drama Daesang: Shoe Shine Boy (Japan)

Sbschadaewoong (Lee Seung Gi) Tweet #143
I have no time to write on computer, so I’ll leave a tweet to express my thanks! ^^* Receiving the award today was possible because of our fans’ voting, because of everyone’s efforts! Thanks to all the fans for voting day and night in front of the computers^^!!

컴터쓸시간이없어서 트윗에감사인사남깁니다!^^*오늘 수상은 우리팬분들의투표로받은상인만큼 여러분들덕입니다!자나깨나컴터앞에서 열투해주신 모든팬분께 감사^^!!

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I wonder if I can post this to arama and aiya too, because of the international thing. Unless it's already there?
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