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Gangnam Girl Gayoon asks fans to call her "kind girl" instead

4minute member Heo Gayoon, who has been lauded as "Gangnam Girl" by netizens, has asked fans to call her "kind girl" instead.

On the 14th, Sunnyside members Master Chang and MJ posted a video featuring Heo Gayoon in which she said this, referring to her song with the rap duo, "Bad Guy, Kind Girl."

In the video, Heo Gayoon said, "My nickname now is 'Gangnam Girl,' but I think it should become 'Kind Girl'" and also "Please give Sunny Side's new song, 'Bad Guy, Kind Girl," a lot of love!"

Gayoon continued, saying "As I'm usually doing promotions with my girls in 4minute, I've never worked with Sunnyside oppas before this, but the love between us now is really big! The result has been very good, and I wish I can work with them again in the future," to which one Sunnyside member jokingly replied, "Don't wish for that, wish that we get #1 on the music charts!"

Sunnyside will be performing on the 17th and 18th on KBS's "Music Bank" as well as MBC's "Music Core."

source ~ Nate + (trans) 4minute.com
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