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Sistar head to Japan!

The girls of SISTAR are packing up and flying across the sea, as they perform for the Hallyu Music Festival (also known as the “Korean Music Festival”) 2010 in Shibuya, Japan!

Held at the CC Lemon Hall on the 20th, it’s a night dedicated to highlighting Korean music in Japan. This year, the concert has attracted quite the gathering of major Japanese agencies and companies. These include: Sony Music, Pony Canyon, FujiTV, NHK (broadcasting corporation), and many others. The estimated number of VIPs and agencies are to be in the hundreds.

It’s certainly an exciting opportunity for SISTAR, as they’ve been selected as the sole Korean girl-group performer of the night. 

SISTAR’s agency, Starship Entertainment stated, “The KMF 2010 will be the stepping stone in SISTAR’s oversea activities. As their first international appearance, the girls are busy preparing and fine-tuning their performances”.

2AM, MBLAQ, and D-NA will also be performing at the event. The festival plans to donate proceeds to the “Good Friend! Save the Child” charitable organization.

source ~ akp

can't wait for them to start overseas promotions.
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