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just a girl

Doojoon thought Miss A's Min had a crush on him!

Recently, we reported that Doojoon was humiliated because he thought a female celebrity had a crush on him. During the broadcast of “Strong Heart“, it was revealed that the woman in question is miss A’s Min!

Doojoon revealed, “During miss A’s award acceptance speech, she mentioned my name, and thus a scandal was born. I don’t have that kind of a relationship with Min. We only met twice as trainees…I asked Min later on, Min had referred to a representative and revealed that saying my name was a mistake.”

MC Kang Hodong said, “In reality people say this when they can’t confess to the person they like”, to which Doojoon replied with, “Truthfully, I’m only half-convinced. I want to know their real intentions.”

The MCs asked him, “How would you feel if you openly talked about the person you liked?”  Doojoon answered, “My heart would be racing, but saying her name alone would become the death of me,” which aroused much laughter in the studio.

source ~ akp

omg... I totally hope it's Jiyoon. his stone thighs plus her boulder face would be a match made in heaven *o*
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