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Kim Jong Kook, a mini theatre concert for the first time ever 'My Special Memory'

 Singer Kim Jong Kook is to hold his first mini-theatre concert.

'2010 Kim Jong Kook's concert My Special Memory' will be held on 15, 16, 17 October in Seoul Ehwa University Samsung Hall. It is drawing the attention of the public since it is Kim Jong Kook's first time ever to hold a mini-theatre concert since his debut.

Kim Jong Kook has said, "I wanted to provide a meeting where I could be comfortable and honest to my fans who has been with me for over 10 years. This upcoming concert is dedicated for the songs and stories of KJK and his fans more than anything"

Kim Jong Kook will showcase his calm and delicate vocal abilities through this concert. Also, he will be performing the songs from his upcoming remake album which is being released this month.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook is now making a regular appearance on SBS Good Sunday's 'Running Man'.

Source: Star Today
Translated by: jklove_07 at Soompi Forums
Where's all the Jongkook lovers? ;_;
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