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Police bust syndicate that smuggled Chinese workers into South Korea

Public security authorities in East China's Shandong Province recently smashed a transnational criminal group that transported illegal immigrants into South Korea, the Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.

The Weihai border detachment was informed by Shandong provincial border police in August that a Chinese surnamed Zhou and a Korean surnamed Gang were arranging a ship in Weihai to bring Chinese workers into South Korea to work illegally.

The Weihai border detachment established a special investigation group that arrested 41 people, including seven organizers, in Weihai and Qingdao on September 4, when the criminal group was arranging for workers to board the boat to South Korea.

An official surnamed Li from the Weihai border detachment said the syndicate was headed by two Koreans and two Chinese. An investigation revealed that the syndicate had arranged the transportation of illegal workers more than once.

The border detachment has made cracking down on illegal immigration their top priority in recent years. Officers patrol the 986-kilometer coast for signs of illegal immigration activities every month.

On February 5, police officers arrested 49 people, including 16 organizers.
Li said such activities caused significant harm to Weihai.

"Some poor citizens from other provinces were cheated and sent to other countries to work as illegal cheap laborers. Their rights and security are at risk when they journey and work abroad," Li said.

Source: globaltimes
Tags: crime

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