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4Minute With a Total of 0 Plastic Surgeries: The Perfect Choice for a Cosmetic Endorsement

4Minute was just announced to be chosen as the endorser of a new cosmetic brand known as Ariul. They just finished their most-awaited pictorial as part of their promotional activities for the said brand and as early as now, people are getting excited on what their upcoming activities would be, something that will be expected to show their natural beauty.

They're very much known for their provocative and powerful image on stage. However, on the said photoshoot, the girls were able to prove that they are much more wonderful and attractive because of their youthful skin, enriched with the help of the new cosmetic brand.

From the usual heavy makeup, gorgeous hair and glowing skin, the staff decided to have the girls wear pure white costumes to show how these girls can show off their elegant and youthful looks. A staff even stated "Ariul is a cosmetic product that aims to keep forever young skin." The photographer also stated that the theme of the photoshoot aims to "make a brilliant debut through the girls' stylish, clean and pure image and fans should expect another interesting charm from the girls."

It was also said that from the past few days that the girls appeared on the rising TV Program, "Bouquet", the girls had become hot issues all over various net sites because of their bare faces and their confession of having a total of "0" plastic surgeries amongst its members which definitely proves how these girls deserve to be chosen as endorsers of such good cosmetic product.

4Minute IF
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