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2NE1 talks about their true image, creative input, and recording with

2NE1 has made an impressive comeback with the release of their first official album, “To Anyone.” Staying true to their unique and powerful energy, they’ve revealed a variety of concepts through their music videos, making sure to differentiate themselves from the other girl groups on the market.

However, in an interview with OSEN on September 15th, 2NE1 showed a different side to their standard image. Despite being confident, they were also humble, and despite being outgoing, they were serious as well. They shyly laughed while commenting, “Meeting us in person, we’re less scary than you thought, right?

2NE1 revealed that they made a deeper contribution to the album production, working alongside staff members and making sure they got their opinions heard. Additionally, the choreography had every move examined by the members themselves before anything was finalized.

CL revealed, “Honestly, our music producers are already so amazing that we just trust and follow their lead. However, they do try and reflect our opinions as much as possible when they’re making music. Outfits are decided by all of us as well. What we participated the most in with this release is the choreography though. All of us worked with foreign dance instructors to create the choreography, especially for ‘Can’t Nobody’ and ‘Go Away.’ We spent a lot of time on it and made sure to pick moves that we could enjoy performing on stage.

What actually didn’t reflect the members’ opinions was the CD album jacket. CL stated, “The jacket is what presents our music. I want to someday be able to design it ourselves.

Recently, one PD commented, “Girl groups are all the same, but I can tell apart 2NE1 instantly.” 2NE1 laughed when the statement was delivered, with CL expressing, “We agree that we’ve differentiated ourselves. Our image and everything is quite different (laughter). I want to think of it as a compliment. We’re different, but not wrong.

2NE1 also monitors various message boards after they perform. Despite some hateful replies, they claim that they’re not too upset by it. CL stated, “Even I admit that I have some weird pictures out there (laughter). But that’s the real side of me, so I don’t take it to heart.” Minzy added, “Actually, I’m more upset by having no replies as opposed to hateful replies. I’d rather just think of everything positively.

The members went on to talk about their senior group, Big Bang, and how they were shy when they first debuted. Big Bang didn’t have a lot of experience conversing with other artists outside of YG Entertainment and felt unfamiliar with journalists and broadcast halls. 2NE1, however, revealed that the were even more shy.

CL stated, “Even now, it’s still very awkward. I was standing in the corner of our waiting room during our comeback. What we really can’t do are variety programs. We decided to just stick to music because it was so difficult.

Dara added, “We have a tendency to look kind of foolish when we’re not on stage. I’ve also heard that we’re a bit immature.

When asked whether they ever wanted to show a girlier, weaker image of themselves like other girl groups, Dara answered, “We did try. Others said it looked too powerful though (laughter).” CL added, “We want to try girly things, we will do girly things, and I believe we’ve already done girly things. It was probably done in our interpretations though. Just because we sing a girly melody or lyric doesn’t mean we’ll lose our own unique color. We’d just like for everyone to talk about our skills instead.

2NE1 is also attempting a triple track promotion cycle with “Can’t Nobody,” “Go Away,” and “Let’s Clap.” Instead of being caught up in the pressure of it all, 2NE1 expressed that they just hypnotize themselves with thoughts of enjoying the performance.

Dara stated, “We were extremely nervous at first. After we finished recording our first song, I immediately thought that we weren’t up to par yet. We have to enjoy the music we’re singing in order to properly deliver it. After that, I just let go of my sanity and enjoyed it. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter when I monitored the performance afterward.

Leader CL gave credit to her lively company atmosphere by stating, “Teddy genuinely cares for us and truly enjoys making our music. Preparing our outfits is hard as well, and it must be so tiring to have to make 3x the standard amount of stage outfits, but the stylists are always working with a smile. Even with our choreography, other seniors were in the middle of promoting, but they still took the time to check up on ours, so it was very fun working with everyone. We have great teamwork.

With 2NE1 already sweeping the charts, they revealed their goal is for the public to enjoy their music, outfits, and style, and to start a new trend. CL concluded with, “I hope that all of our songs are delivered properly on stage. What’s more important than winning is having everyone truly enjoy our performances. I think it’d be a great honor to be able to influence someone’s joy.

That we’re scary. When people say that, we find it funny.

The powerful girls have returned even more powerful. We’re talking about the 4 member girl group, 2NE1.Breaking the stereotype that girl groups must be pretty, rather than musically talented, like the tough girls they are, plunging themselves into the unpopular genre of music in Korea, hip-hop, and have once again stood in front of the public, this time with even more powerful music and visuals than from the ‘Fire’ days.

2NE1 has become a topic, having worked with US hip-hop group, Black Eyed Peas’ leader, and expressed their true concerns about debuting in the US.

In a recent interview, 2NE1 had revealed, “Debuting in the US is something that anyone dreams about”, “However we don’t want to rush it. We want to debut with music that can well reflect 2NE1′s style and prepare perfectly, even if it takes 5 or 10 years.

From April to June, 2NE1 had visited LA in the US and London in England in three rounds, each for ten days.At those places, they would meet and worked on 10 songs in preparation for their debut in the US.

Q: How was your first meeting with

CL: The first time we met him, he saw our clothes and shoes and said we looked pretty, in addition we were also surprised that he was humming to the ‘Wassup’ part in ‘The Leaders’. He seemed very real and friendly. I don’t know if it’s okay to say this but he was a really cute person.

Minji: I’m a Black Eyed Peas Fan, so being able to meet the leader and producer, was an honor. He’s a very cool person, and I was able to feel an ‘aura’ that was particular to him.

Dara: Because I was shy, I wasn’t able to talk a lot to him, but my first impression is that he was very unique and cute. Like us, he seems to have a side of him that’s 4D-like as well.

Bom: Up until we met him, since he was an extremely famous person, I was very nervous however since he was so playful, we became close shortly after.

Q: What’s’s style of producing?

CL: finishes recordings in 1~2 attempts. Rather than doing it 10 or 20 times to perfect it, it seems that he thinks that the emotion expressed during that moment was more important. And as a result, we finished recording faster. Having recorded 3 times with it seems like we’ve become faster at recording now too.

Minji: While watching him next to his side, while he writes lyrics or plays the piano, I would think ‘This person seems to be completely absorbed in music’, creating a deep feeling within m heart. As expected, I want to be a person crazy about music.

Sources: Nate 1, 2
Translations: AKP, GEE@YGladies
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