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Changmin and his deep voice answer some ~*love*~ questions for SPUR PINK

: What is your ideal type?

Flawless and amazing God: It's a little bit complicated, but... pure and innocence... a smart woman who properly performs her job.

SPUR PINK: What is your ideal date?

Flawless and amazing God: Well... No particular place to go somewhere... I think anywhere is good. I prefer to go to a calm place, just the two of us.

SPUR PINK: When dating, what fashion do you want your girlfriend to wear?

Flawless and amazing God: It depends on the day. I want her to challenge various fashion. From a pure style.... to sporty styles.... I want her to challenge various fashion.

SPUR PINK: Do you like matching outfits with your girlfriend?

Flawless and amazing God: I do not hate it, so I like it. I never did the same outfit.... but we did matching accessories and so on.

SPUR PINK: What do you want to do as a surprise for her?

Flawless and amazing God: Anniversary or birthday party...  I want to do a surprise for her.

SPUR PINK: What do you say when she asks you, "Which is more important to you, your job or me?"

Flawless and amazing God: It's a difficult question. Of course I want to say "it's you" When I work I can do my best because of her. I think she will give me energy so I can work well. I hope, I want to say that she is.

SPUR PINK: Have you thought about getting married?

Flawless and amazing God: My mother asked me, "When are you getting married?" (*cute laugh*) I have thought about marriage.

SPUR PINK: When do you want to get married?

Flawless and amazing God:  I want to get married around 30 years old.

SPUR PINK: Do you want to tell her you love her first?

Flawless and amazing God: Basically, I want to confess my love. But I like to be confessed too.

SPUR PINK: What do you want to say to confess?
Flawless and amazing God: I think it's the same as anyone. "I like you, I love you, I am always happy with you."  I'm embarrassed. (*mismatched eyes smile*)

Message to Spur Pink readers:

Flawless and amazing God: Well, it's already September. I think it will be colder, please take care and don't catch a cold. I will do my best for many activites in Japan. I want to show you many perfromances so once again, I ask for everyone's support!

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