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Koreans up in arms over draft dodging stars

Some feigned insanity. Others dislocated their own shoulder joints.

And some even drank lots of coffee to instantly raise blood pressure. These are just some of the creepy methods some young Koreans have been caught using to dodge mandatory military service in Korea.

Recently, another weird method was used to dodge the draft: tooth extraction. Shin Dong-hyun, a hip-hop artist better known as M.C. Mong, who made it big with his improvisational flair and high-energy singing, faces charges that he intentionally had healthy teeth removed to make himself ineligible for the draft in 2007. Army doctors found in 2007 that Shin, now 31, had 12 molars missing, which disqualified him for military service, according to the military. But after months of investigation, police said last week that at least four of those missing teeth were intentionally pulled out, even though they were healthy.

Shin was unreachable for comment, but he previously denied any wrongdoing, claiming that he had chronic gum problems from his childhood.

Shin’s case has rekindled a heated debate about draft dodging by TV and sports stars who make more money and wield more influence than people in any other profession, but for these stars job security is always in jeopardy.

In Korea, all able-bodied men age 20 or older are required to serve in the armed forces or do civil service for nearly two years

Controversy over celebrities’ draft dodging has been an ongoing issue, with huge public uproars ensuing after every case.

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Source(s): joongangdaily and 1n2dfansubs.
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