Unsent Letters (childishgrin) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Unsent Letters

Onew's infamous spicy fingers make another victim!

So who's the unlucky guy?

SIMON D of Supreme Team!

Other special guests: Hongki (FT Island) and Jo Sungmo (singer)... AKA 3 of the Chocoballs.

Obviously we need to remember the past victims too:
DJ Doc's Kim Changryul

Koyote's Kim Jong Min and fellow MC Jang Hang Joon

KJM @ 0:25, JHJ @ 5:45 (I think in between them Onew's talking about his different flicks... they all look terrifying and painful to be honest lmao.)

Shin Dong Yup and Lessang's Gil who actually got flicked twice (SDY and the PD thought it wasn't hard enough):

SDY @ 6:15, Gil @ 10:00 and 11:10

And of course, the first one. That's right, poor JHJ had to go through it twice:

But let's end this on a sweet note

Sources: weareshining4 1 2 3, yaymeirock, SHINeeOnewWorld 1 2

ONEW PWNS THEM ALL. I feel so bad for those guys and yet I'm sorry but ROTFL4EVA.
Tags: f.t island, lee hongki, onew, shinee, tv shows

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