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Did Lee Hyori manage to master the guitar in 15 days?

Lee Hyori’s guitar skills have been garnering interest among fans recently.

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On September 20th, Hyori reunited with her old Fin.K.L members for KBS FM’s Ok Juhyun’s Popular Song Plaza, and showed off the guitar skills she acquired in just 15 days.

Ex-Fin.K.L member Ok Juhyun is temporarily replacing the original DJ of the show, Hong Jin Kyung, as she is currently on maternity leave. As a way of commemorating Juhyun’s first radio broadcast, Fin.K.L reunited for the the first time in two years.

Before Hyori started to play the guitar, she said it was dedicated to Ok Juhyun’s radio DJ debut, and added, “Please don’t get your hopes up for this (her guitar skills)“. Hyori played and sang along to Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

The other members complimented her and said, “Hyori put in a lot of effort for this, she came in an hour early just to adjust the tune. She said she spent 15 days practicing, doesn’t that make her a guitar genius?”

Listeners who tuned in to the show commented on her skills, saying, “Exactly how far can Lee Hyori’s charms reach?” and “She said she practiced by herself for 15 days… that requires a lot of effort”.

Hyori said she was influenced to start playing by the people around her, and that she will keep on practicing.

sources: allkpop
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