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Rain Storm(ed) Manila… and No One is Evacuating

Perhaps if precipitation was as hot as Rain, no one will complain.

The fans of this Korean international superstar very well know what we mean—and the “Intensity” of Jung Ji-Hoon was very well felt in his first-ever concert in the Philippines last Sept. 11 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, together with fellow Korean act U-Kiss and our very own Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista.

Prior to his pretty intense show, Bulletin Entertainment caught up with some of Rain’s fans in the venue to find out how he has stormed their lives… in a good way, of course.

Fan signal number one: Drooling over a drool-worthy physique

For the fans, Rain is a total eye candy. All of them (at least those we interviewed) experienced crush at first sight when they saw him in the Koreanovela hit “Full House,” where he starred with the very beautiful Song Hye Kyo. “Si Rain sexy ‘yun, grabe! (Rain is sexy, so great!)” “Ang ganda ng abs niya! (His abs are beautiful!)” “Ang guwapo niya! Ang cute ng mata niya, ang liit-liit! (He's so handsome! His eyes are cute, so tiny!)” were some of the descriptions of a high school and college group of friends. But another student from University of the East in Manila says she loves Rain’s “character and talent.” Yum-o.

Fan signal number two: Protective of their idol

It is in the nature of a true-blue fan to be protective of their idol. Rain’s followers are no exception. A group of college friends from UE-Manila declined to elaborate on their most hated rumor that was written about Rain, save to say that it was about a scandal involving him and “My Sassy Girl” star Jun Ji-hyun. “Rain is very shy in answering questions about that scandal, kaya quiet din po kami (that's why we're quiet as well).  And we don’t talk about it anymore because it’s something private,” says one of the girls.

A nursing student, meanwhile, didn’t like the reported lawsuits Rain got embroiled in. “Why make it a big fuss?” she exclaims. Her best friend, whom she attended the concert with, was displeased with the news saying that Rain “snubbed” his press con in Manila (reports say it was a “miscommunication” between the organizers). “If ever na ganon, sa kanya mismo manggagaling ‘yon and may reason siya (If ever that did happen, it would have come from him and he had a reason for it.),” he says.

Apparently, these fans are not affected by the controversies, as they excitedly and patiently looked forward to Rain’s show.

Fan signal number three: Inspired to learn his culture

Aside from complimenting his gorgeous physique and awesome talent, Rain’s fans say the actor-slash-dancer-slash-singer-slash-entrepreneur-slash-model has inspired them to be more appreciative of other cultures.

“We started liking Koreans and we learned to love other cultures other than Filipino culture. We also try to learn Korean characters and the basics of Korean language,” relates one of the UE students. Rain, in a way, bridged the gap between multi-cultural communities, like in school. The kolehiyalas  (college girls) say they have a Korean classmate with whom they now share a friendship.

We also chanced upon some fans outside the venue that were not able to watch the concert from inside. “Kung may pera lang kami, pupunta kami (If only we have the money, we would have come),” one of them says. Nevertheless, they were game to cheer and sing along the songs Rain and the other featured acts had prepared for the night.

Asked how they are inspired by Rain and the whole K-Pop phenomenon, the group exclaims: “Nai-inspire kami to work harder, mag-aral ng mabuti, para walang masumbat ‘yung magulang! (They inspire us to work harder, study well, so that our parents wouldn't have anything to say against us!)” And oh, they also claim to the powers that be that they will one day visit Korea.

Fan signal number four: My name is Rain, too

What makes fans, well, fans, is their dedication. The nursing student we had a chat with is a certified super fan. She says she recorded all of Rain’s performances uploaded on YouTube. And since she has yet to have a face-to-face close encounter with Rain, she recalls asking her mom to take a picture of her embracing Rain’s poster near a bus stop in China. Her best friend, a likewise super fan, also kids: “Naga-away kami kay Rain kasi pag meron siyang bagong CD kailangan sa’kin ‘yon! Hindi puwedeng pareho kami, kailangan isa lang! (We would fight about Rain because whenever she has a new CD it has to be mine! It doesn't have to be for both of us, it has to be for either one of us!)”

One of the craziest things he did as a fan, he says, is to advertise Clear, the shampoo line Rain is endorsing, to his friends and classmates (remember his popular line, "My name is Rain"?). And even the tiniest Rain ads don’t come undetected for these BFFs. “’Yung mga maliliit na pictures sa stores, kinukuha namin! (We even take photos of even his tiniest pictures in stores!)” they say.

The ultimate storm signal: It’s Rainism!

Several minutes pass nine in the evening, came the moment they were all waiting for. Rain treated his fans to a short yet intensified set (only nine songs!), performing his string of hits, including “Love Story,” “Love Song,” “It’s Coming,” “Touch Ya,” “I Do” and “Rainism.” The ladies in the crowd squealed everytime Rain showed his smooth and sexy dance moves. Adding extravagance to his show were the fireworks and confetti displays on some of his production numbers. And how can we forget, his epic abs exposure.

Fans surely know that Rain can speak English, but for some reason, he talked to his predominantly Pinoy fans in Korean, making us wish subtitles were flashed on the large screen on the stage. His “Kamsahamnida” (thank you) and "Annyonghi kaysayo" (goodbye) also looked as if he would be back. Fans screamed “more!” but no Rain electrified the stage a second time.

There may be a language barrier, but certainly Rain’s music and hotness has broken the boundaries. We can only pray for more Rain to come soon.

Source:  Manila Bulletin

I'm just LOLing at how the article misspelled the Korean phrases.
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