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Girl Group Union Chuseok Talk

A girl group union has been born. With the name UG (United Girlgroups). SNSD·After School·f(x)·Rainbow·4minute·T-ara·miss A· Secret etc. have joined together to celebrate Ilgan Sports’ 41st anniversary.

The Korean mass culture is the girl groups’ generation. In the past, girl groups like SES·Fin.K.L were active but the recent girl group trendhas more power than ever before. These girls not only take over the charts but also variety·dramas. Fashion·advertisement are also controlled by girl groups. What they were becomes the “it item”, and the war to recruit the girl groups is a bloody competition.

Ilgan Sports who has come with the mass culture over 41 years invited girl groups that are ‘2010’s Mass Culture Hot Trends’ to celebrate our 41st anniversary.

Reporter: Congratulations on becoming a member of the Girl Group Union.

SNSD Sunny: I didn’t know that Ilgan Sports was this old. I thought it was a young newspaper. Ilgan Sports and SNSD have an unforgettable memory. Last year when we won the Golden Disk best album award we got a huge picture on the cover of the newspaper. It was a great honor and we saved it.

T-ara Eunjung: The drunk talk comes to my mind first. We took a quiz on current events during the interview. It was my first time answering questions while drunk. haha.

★Girl Groups fight everyday?
Reporter: Let’s start the full-scale talk. There are rumors that girl groups don’t even greet each other and stay away from each other.

Rainbow Jaekyung: That doesn’t make any sense. We are all the same people. Out of the members today, I’m closest with Hyosung(Secret). We talked a lot while using the same waiting room. Secret and Rainbow made a group called ‘Chicbow’. (“Chic” and the “Sec” in “Secret” are pronounced the same way in Korean)

4minute Hyuna: miss A’s Suzy and I were both trainees at JYP so we’re very close. There is competition, too but we are all colleagues so we love seeing each other at events.

Reporter: Then how is it with the colleagues within your group? What did you most recently fight about? Sunny: The day before yesterday my members said we should go bowling but I didn’t go because I said I was sleepy. I got criticized a lot from the other members.

Secret Hyosung: We also fight about really small things. Today for lunch I wanted to eat Korean food but the other members wanted to eat Western food so I was sad. I really wanted to eat warm rice and soup.

★Girl groups live only eating dew?
Reporter: Since eating was mentioned, tell us about your diets. What do girl groups eat?

Hyuna: You might not believe it but my nickname is “pig”. I live because of food.

miss A Suzy: I also eat real~ly a lot. I eat all three meals and always eat snacks. When we have long distance schedules I do ‘explosive snacking’.

Hyosung: Wow~. I’m really jealous. I get so much stress because of weight. My diet consists of bananas·cucumbers·sweet potatoes·chicken breasts etc. I also work out a lot at the fitness center with my trainer.

Eunjung: I also eat under 1200 calories using the diet my trainer set up for me.

Reporter: SNSD’s diet became a huge issue.

Sunny: That really didn’t make sense. We have never eaten like that. We usually eat a lot and then do a sudden diet before a music video filming sometimes. SNSD, we eat we~ll so don’t worry.

Reporter: Do you have insecurities about your appearance?

Sunny: My short height. Haha. Because of my height I also got the nickname ‘Moodumjjal’. It stands for ‘Moodumkkaji gajigo gayahaneunjjalbeum/Shortness that I have to carry all the way to my grave’. I think if I say this people will look it up more. On KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’ I did my greetings after Yoona. When the camera came to me it suddenly dropped low. It’s a famous ‘Short’ incident with the fans.

After School Nana: For me, skin troubles. I’m really jealous of f(x) Sulli’s clear skin.

Hyuna: I’m really jealous of 4minute’s Nam Jihyun-unnie’s skin. Her make-up-less face is the best.

Reporter: It’s no fun because we’re only talking about nice things, right? There must be times when you dislike your company president.

Hyuna: I was sick/hurt one day and I got in trouble because my dancing wasn’t working. I was sad and tears came out. But our Hong Seungseong Cube president I love you. Don’t get mad, father.

Hyosung: When I return from practicing choreography so hard and I feel like dying but as soon as we return when he says ‘Time to practice more’….. But I just really~try to bear with it.

Suzy: When we worked hard to record but Producer Park Jinyoung said ‘0 points’.

Eunjung: Our Kim Gwangsoo president always criticizes us telling us to diet but then takes us to yummy restaurants and feeds us a ton. How are we supposed to lose weight….

Reporter: There are lots of Ahjussi fans. What is the age cut between ahjussi and oppa fans? How much older is okay for you to be in a relationship with?

Suzy: I think an ahjussi is about 40? If your feelings match it doesn’t matter but for me, if older, 12 years, if younger, 3 years is okay for me.

Jaekyung: For me, if they’re not married they’re an oppa, if they are married they are an ahjussi. For relationships, I don’t think the age matters as long as your talk can communicate well.

Sunny: Isn’t style more important than age? Even if they’re young they can look like an ahjussi.

Reporter: Then tell us about recent relationships.

All members: Um…. It’s been so long since I’ve been in a relationship. (An awkward silence for a moment….)

★Sunny, will get married to Wonbin
Reporter: Then tell us your ideal type celebrities. Foreign celebrities are excluded.

Suzy: Kang Dongwon-ssi. Only Kang Dongwon-ssi for me.

Hyosung: Ah! I’m only Kang Dongwon-ssi, too. I get nervous even when I just hear his name. I shall be able to meet him once while working, right?

Sunny: I’m only Wonbin!!!!. My man~ We’re going to get married. Hahaha. I won’t get terrorized, right?

Eunjung: Since I was young, I’ve liked people like Park Haeil-sunbaenim that I can feel a nice charisma in. I also like smaller eyes than bigger eyes. I also like people with good voices or good at rapping…Ah! I like Big Bang’s TOP-sunbaenim.

Reporter: After debut, when did you cry the most?

Luna: The first day of my debut. My trainee days came to mind so I sobbed in the waiting room.

Hyuna: Me too. I left the Wonder Girls and made a comeback with 4minute. Everyone expected so much. I was sad because I couldn’t do as well as my heart wanted to.

Suzy·Nana·Eunjung: The first time we got first place. All the memories of suffering came to mind. We also felt lethargic.

Reporter: Are you happy right now living as a girl group member? Have you ever regretted your debut?

Hyosung: I get sad when I can’t eat yummy food as much as I want but when I stand on a stage I am always excited and happy.

Sunny: I want to go places with my friends and have dates but because I can’t feel the happiness of those events I sometimes get sad. But when I’m on stage or I hear the cheers of fans it feels so good.

Luna: Same for me. I’m sad that I can’t meet my friends but everyday is a joyful repetition.

★I want to do a casual job
Reporter: If you return to before your debut, what do you want to do?

Sunny: I want to try a serving casual job at a place like a cafe or restaurant. I want to see how different kinds of people live.

Eunjung: Same for me…. I want to see how people in the world live. Because I debuted at 16 I don’t know the world that much.

Jaekyung: I want to be in a relationship. And I’ve also wanted to run away.

Hyuna: I want to go to an amusement park and play all day until I get bored. ㅠㅠ

Reporter: Then what dreams do girl groups live for?

Luna: The world’s best diva.

Suzy: Asia’s best miss A.

Nana: I want everyone in this country to know my name.

Sunny: I want to be the world’s So!Nyuh!Shi!Dae!

Reporter: If you speak as a representative of all groups.

Sunny: I can feel that the strength of girl groups has increased just from Ilgan Sports’ 41st anniversary interview being a girl group special. I’m very happy to be a part of this Girl Group Union. We’ll run towards the world with the confidence of being Korean national representatives.

Girl Group Union Member Profiles
★4minute Hyunah
Born June 6th, 1992
164cm, 44kg
Oldest daughter out of 2 males, 1 female
Company Cube Entertainment
Debuted in 2007 with Wonder Girls single ‘The Wonder Begins’.
Trainee Period: 5 years
Ideal Type: Someone who is short like my dad.
Jinx: I have to go to the bathroom before I go on stage.
Weird sleep habit: Dancing while sleeping.

★Secret Jeon Hyosung
Born October 13th, 1989
160cm, 45kg
Second out of 3 females
Temporary absense from Inha University’s Acting Movie Department
Company T.S. Entertainment
Trainee Period: 4 years
October 2009 Secret’s Album ‘I Want You Back’
Unique Case: Was preparing for debut as Five Girls with After School’s Uee·Wonder Girls’ Yubin, etc. but group disbanded. Don’t have a cell phone because of company’s policy.
Role Model: Boa

★Rainbow Kim Jaekyung
Born December 24th, 1988
168cm, 45kg
Company DSPMedia
Trainee Period: 5 years
In Dongduk University’s Clothing Design Department
Debuted in 2009 through Rainbow’s single ‘Gossip Girl’
Retirement: Won’t until my knee arthritis can’t handle it anymore.
Greets everyone even if I don’t know them.
Role model: Lee Hyori

★After School Nana
Real name Im Jinah
Born September 14th, 1991
171cm, 48kg
Company Pledis
Trainee Period: 1 year
Debuted in 2009 through After School’s single ‘Because of You’
Celebrity I’m closest with: Same age friend Kara’s Nicole
Ideal Type: Lee Sungyun. I like guys who have pretty eyes when they smile.
No matter where I am, I always find the camera and smile.

★T-ara Ham Eunjung
December 12th, 1988
167cm, 47kg
Company Core Contents Media
Trainee Period: 2 years
Temporary absence from Dongguk University’s Performance Arts Department
Celebrity I’m close with: Kara’s Gyuri. We are both sensitive and mature.
Most expensive fan gift: Photo printer. Make-up refrigerator
What I want to do if I become invisible: Watch for a long time at a public bath. Roll at a park. Do a sexy dance in the middle of a busy street.

★f(x) Luna
Real name Park Sunyoung
August 12th, 1993
Company SM Entertaimment
Trainee Period: 3 years
Third child out of one male, 2 females
Lila Art High School Music Utitility Department
Most expensive fan gift: Earphones. I can’t reveal it but it is an unimaginable price.
Most bewildering fan gift: A Korean language study book. ㅜㅜ. I’m a Korean person.
Girl group I’m most jealous of: SNSD. Appearance·Ability·Personality I respect it all

★miss A Bae Suzy
October 10th, 1994
166cm, 47kg
Company JYP Entertainment
Trainee Period: 1 year
2nd child out of 1 male 2 females
Most expensive fan gift: Sneakers
Amount of money in account: About 10,000 won (approx $100). I should get money for Chuseok, right?
When I felt our popularity: When I heard ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ ring on someone’s cell phone on the street.
Girl group member I’m close with: f(x) Sulli. I was contacted through our managers saying she wanted to become friends. I was really thankful.

★SNSD Sunny
Birthname: Lee Sunkyu
May 15th, 1989
155cm, Weight is a secret
Company SM Entertainment
Trainee Period: 5 years
Debuted in 2007 with SNSD’s single ‘Into the New World’
Unique Case: SM Lee Sooman’s niece
Most influential article: The article where Boom-oppa who went to the army said that SNSD aren’t colleagues but gods. He said that soldiers are most dedicated first to the nation, second to the officer, and third to SNSD.
Role Model: SES Bada sunbaenim
Bewildering fan gift: Garlic juice. I was thankful and ate it but the members suffered. Hahaha.
Scary stalker: He followed me to the front door of our dorm as asked me to open the closed door. The sound of him at the door was scary.

Source: nate, isplus, shmesmx3 @ Soompi
Tags: 4minute, after school, f(x), girls generation, interview, miss a, rainbow, secret, t-ara

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