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Beast’s Yoon Doo Joon, ‘I became a singer for I was inspired by BigBang.’

Yoon Doo Joon of Beast confessed that ‘I became a singer for I was inspired by Bigbang.
He was the guest of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ on the holiday special episode and it will be broadcasted on 21st, Sept. ‘I became a singer because of Bigbang,’ he said which aroused curiosity from the fellow guests. He offered a big smile to us in ‘Strong Heart’ when he answered the questions.

From elementary school to high school, Yoon Doo Joon was a football player. He recounted his past in the programme. From elementary school until junior high school, he had been a football player and he even played in the National Soccer Team 2. The MC asked why he quit sports and became a singer. ‘I knew Japanese singer since I was small but I think it was none of my business until I saw Bigbang,’ he answered.

A few years ago, the student happened to watch the pre-debut documentary of Bigbang and was shocked after watching it. He then unveiled a surprising debut story of his own in the program. The episode will be aired at 23:05 on 21st.

Korean Source:
English source:ibigbang

Why Se7en inspected the phones of G-Dragon and Taeyang.

Singer Se7en appeared on KBS 2TV's "All-Night Variety Nocturnal" on Sep. 13. Se7en suggested that they donate their blood for this episode and so the singer and the program's five MCs took a time of self-reflection before extracting their blood.

Se7en said there's nothing for him to reflect on because he hasn't done anything bad. He rather proposed that they share good deeds they have done. However, if the others did not agree it was good deed, the person must eat garlic rice cake as a penalty.

MCs Jang Hang-jun, Sin Dong-yeob and Yun Jong-sin ended up eating the rice cakes first as the other cast would not recognize their stories as good deeds.
Se7en was less confident, saying he hadn't done a good thing either. Then Gill mentioned a text message incident involving Se7en and G-Dragon.

Se7en then opened up about a story going back years when he was a trainee in his middle school years and Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang were in elementary school. Se7en said that as their senior, whenever he met them, he would inspect their cell phones to check on contacts and text messages. He said that what he did, checking their schedule and personal relations, was good because he was worried for them.

But MCs Sin and Yun argued it was a bad thing, violating their private lives, to which Se7en quickly acknowledged, "On second thought I guess it wasn't a good thing after all," and picked up a piece of garlic rice cake.

But what he picked was not the garlic kind but a sweet strawberry piece. Se7en beamed, "It's so tasty." Sin said, "That coincidence shows that your cell phone inspection was really out of a good heart."

Korean Source: Newsen
English sources: bigbanghaven + miseremeiYT07@yt

Bom, "When Dara eats meat, she takes me with her"

In a recent interview, 2NE1′s Park Bom reveals that when Sandra Park wants to eat meat, she takes her with her. Sounds pretty normal huh? Well, for Bom, it isn’t that colorful as she is the only one who gains weight from their adventures.

Dara revealed in the interview, "Recently I have been addicted to eating meat!"

However, Park Bom wasn’t as pleased after hearing this and shouted at Dara by saying, "When Dara eats meat, she takes me with her. Because of eating meat, I feel like I’m going to get a tube around my waist!"

She further continued by saying, "Even if both of us eat, I am the only one who gets fat".

You can’t help but think that Bom sure is adorable huh?

Korean source: Newsen
English sources: letsplay2ne1 + YGSRASubs2@yt
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