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October Issue of Junior Magazine; Colorful Infinite

Infinite who is diverse and is rich in color. The colors that each member carries intensely stands out.

These 7 males have unknowingly passed their 100th day since their debut and like their name, they are verifying their endless possibilities and are becoming a new standard for idols.

Over the viewable pleasure, the best word to fit these 7 males, who verify their star quality and real musical talent, would probably be ‘colorful’.

Before standing on their first stage, Infinite shot a lot of sincere and non-made up charms on the cable channel, M.net’s real documentary program, ‘Infinite, You Are My Oppa’. As they revealed their endless possibilities, they showed off their versatility. Following that, they refused to simple idols, so they released their debut album ‘First Invasion’. Fierce beats and choreography, and with their powerful voices, they try out various music types; Infinite, who has invaded the music industry

The infinite-dols that Junior endlessly has affection for, Infinite, met again after 100 days.

The cheerful meeting with Infinite, who is strung with special greetings and an affection different from others, started with a greeting, ‘Hello! It’s Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu’ and following it ‘It’s Wild eyes Dongwoo. Infinite’s nuclear bomb, Woohyun. Hoya. L. Elementary schooler, Sungyeol. And Maknae Sungjong’. The seven males, who energetically passed on a greeting, are still cheerful and overflow with liveliness. As we asked about what was happening lately, they answered that they diligently performed ‘Come Back Again’ and the girl that kept asking to come back had finally come back so they had follow up promotions with ‘She’s Back’. Their overflowing wit is also nice to see.

They came for a photo shoot in a long time and said it reminded them of old memories, but their determination was no different from then. They, who promised to show a more cool look, left a pretty comment ‘We’re happy because there’s Junior~’. Because they’re like this, Junior can’t help but feel affection for them. They were like this when we first met them and they always show friendliness, are pure and are ones who we feel no constraint with.

When they stood on their first stage, they were tense and were shaking, but were so happy at the thought of debuting. They’re currently really enjoying their activities and is an Infinite that will always be thankful and living diligently. We’re happy at their always positive replies. They said that before the interview, they only slept for 1 hour. And after this, they have continuing schedules so at their dorm, they do nothing but sleep. As each member did their own shoot at the studio, the others weren’t eating food but sleeping and that side of them was pitiable but they say that right now, they’re enjoying the happiness of now, as much as they can. They also said the screaming from their supporting fans give them such currents that they can even get goosebumps. They said that their effort to show a improved side each time, is a repayment to their fans. When we asked if there was something that definitely could make you feel this popularity they said,

Dongwoo: We became thinner!

Woohyun: Skin became a bit more dirtier. (Laughs)

Sungyeol: And Dongwoo’s skill at talking [T/N: Like on variety shows] really improved

Woohyun: Because he’s a regular on two variety shows. (Laughs)

They are pure and cheerful like this. When we asked for them to pick out a member with the most popularity, each person was busy to say it wasn’t them and push it onto another person. Then we decided to find out about the truth of the cute magnae Sungjong being Magnae-On-Top, [T/N: When the youngest has the most power, on top of the ranking]and currently raising mutiny. The members started to say it was a joke and laughed foolishly. In reality, he does the magnae role well and is an angelic magnae who does cute acts. Sungjong and Sungyeol’s birthday’s are the same but recently, because they had a schedule on Sungjong’s birthday, they said they were sorry that they couldn’t take care of it as soon as it passed 12:00. We could tell how much love the kind and lovable magnae, Sungjong, was receiving from his hyungs. The fans would be curious about the 7 member’s dorm life. Sungjong, Sunggyu, Hoya use one room and the other members decided to use one room, but the truth is they’re doing it freely~ [T/N: Like just sleeping in any room]. If there’s an uncomfortable point, it would be the large amount of laundry, and the bathroom is a problem! Leader Sunggyu was picked as the most dawdling member. Sunggyu said ‘I’m sorry~’ and apologized, bowing down and the members gave a generous reply by saying, ‘He has age~’. Just imagining these cheerful 7 males crowded living life is an interesting thing. Let’s find out what each person is in charge of in Infinite.

Sunggyu is a nagger. He probably does the most nagging about cleaning up. When we asked which member got in the most trouble, Sungyeol rose his hand up high and said ‘Me!’.

Sungyeol stated confidently that he was in charge of not listening to others and acting up . ‘If I get in trouble for not listening and acting up, the other members say I shouldn’t do such actions, and I say when I think about it, it’s a good thing. Probably a model answer~’ Leader Sunggyu’s charming point seems to be his eyebrows wriggling~[T/N: Meaning he finds Sungyeol's statement weird] But he’s the elementary schooler, Sungyeol, that you can’t dislike. Because we know he’s a mannerly and kind Sungyeol that was the first to help move the equipment when we were getting ready for the photo shoot.

Dongwoo is someone who seems hectic and clumsy. He also seems like a model answer. This is because as the other members see his clumsiness, they think that they should never follow that.

Kindly said, L is someone who organizes the mood but honestly said, he’s someone who puts down the mood. To explain this, if everyone’s mood is too up, they all are hectic so he needs to calm down the mood.

And of course, Sungjong is in charge of being the magnae! He has cute charms and voluptuousness and speaks with no hesitation. As everyone was agreeing with this, Woohyun said ‘I can do cute acts too~’ and instantly got jeers. He then said ‘Do you know Ju.Bu.Ae? Cute acts that call for a punch. It’s also called the killer cute act~’ and everyone burst into laughter.

Woohyun, who’s quite hilarious, is actually a thoughtful person that takes care of the members with the leader, Sunggyu. Everyone agreed with this.

And the highlight answer was the flaming man, Hoya. Hoya said he’s someone like embers and is in charge of the passion in the team. The time where the most passion gets showed is when he’s on stage, dancing. Although the members made mischievous remarks like wanting to throw water at the embers that come out from his eyes, it’s a fact that everyone agrees with.

Infinite, who says that if one of the 7 members are gone, they feel empty and when everyone’s together, they’re really happy. The sides of the 7 members who have a joyful fit, is something that’s really nice to see.

Infinite, who cherish the nicknames that the fans give them. When they heard because they seemed as tiny as a grain of sesame, they were called Sesame Finite [깨피니트], they burst into laughter And rather than saying they like it, their nose average is wide so they also heard Jang Dongwoo nostrils. Woohyun said his age is 20 but some fan had a playcard that said ‘Woohyun’s Daughter’ and he found it cute. After the showing of his outstanding variety show skills on one program became a topic, Sungjong received the nickname ‘Kkab Jong’. Because of Sungyeol’s charm point cheeks that look like they hold two candies, he’s called Nam Dooly, Hoya is called Butthole Hoya (?)[T/N: It sounds awkward, doesn't it. It's '호야똥꼬', which means that in English;;], although we don’t know the meaning he says it’s a special nickname. They’re always thankful to the fans that believe in them and support them and promise to always show a more better, improved side of them.

If they had to grade themselves, they say it would be 5 points out of 10 points because there are so many things they haven’t shown yet and it’s only half of the beginning. They say that they will continue to fill up the remaining parts and we can’t help but have faith in their words. Because Infinite always sincerely fulfilled their promises, a strong faith is created automatically.

Things they want to make true in the future is a concert in their name, Woohyun’s constant dream of selling about 200,000,000 albums. The youth’s freshness that 20 year olds carry, the side of that that dreams of cheerful dreams, and the side of them that’s running towards their dreams without reserve, are all beautiful. Infinite, who naturally dissolved with their respective sides, specialties, and their own colors. We believe in their infinite passion.

CREDITS: Murisu.com (Korean Typed+scans) ; Hyejin[crazeecores] @ Endless Limits / Over Zero (Translations)
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