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Star Dance Battle 2010 Lineup

Every Chuseok, idol members and stars get together to perform special stages at the “Star Dance Battle“. This year, many idol groups and comedians will collaborate to bring some hot and hilarious dance performances for the viewers.

We’ve got the 2010 line-up below:

***(Left: Haha’s team, Right: Kim Shin Young’s team)

Round 1: Secret (‘Moulin Rouge’) vs. miss A (‘Fame’)
Round 2: Too Loud (Haha, Kim Jong Min, Chun Myung Hoon, ZE:A’s Kwanghee) vs. Kim Kyung Jin
Round 3: After School (‘powerful dance’) vs. 4minute (‘cute and sexy dance’)
Round 4: IU (’sexy queen’) vs. Milk Caramel (U-Kiss Dongho, ZE:A Dongjoon, Infinite’s Sungjong)
Round 5: MBLAQ (‘powerful dancing to ballet’) vs. BEAST (‘Perfect performance’)
Round 6: Kim Ji Sun vs. Jung Juri
Round 7: RecyClone (Kim Na Young, Ahn Young Mi revisit the 90’s) vs. Women Generation (Jang Young Ran, Kim Sae Rom, Goo Ji Sung)
Round 8: Seo In Young (Sexy and charismatic) vs. Chaeyeon (Lady Gaga)
Round 9: 2AM (covers ‘miss A’) vs. Kim Shin Young (Another one of her brilliant parodies)

source: allkpop
miss a's probably gonna take the whole thing, next to after school
Tags: 2am, 4minute, after school, highlight, infinite, iu, lee chae yeon, mblaq, miss a, secret, seo in young, tv shows, u-kiss, ze:a

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