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Celebrating the opening of Park Yong-ha’s Yona School’s in Africa

Close friends and acquaintances of Park Yong-ha got together to record a school song for the opening of Park Yong-ha’s Yona School in Africa.

Park Yong-ha has continually supported and funded the construction of a school for the children in the Republic of Chad in central Africa since May of 2009, and the Yona School was finally able to open on September 18, 2010. Unfortunately, Park Yong-ha passed away last summer and couldn’t live to see the fruits of his labor.

At a recording studio in Chung Dam-dong in South Korea, many celebrities took part in the project, including Kim Hyung-joon from SS501, Lee Ru, Lyn, Park Hyo-shin, Lee Jae-jin and Song Seung-hyun of FT Island, Park Si-yeon, Jae-rim, and many other artists. Hwang Sae-joon, a composer who had worked with Park Yong-ha on his Japanese album, took charge of the whole process. All who participated stated that they tried to celebrate the opening of the school and express the longing for their deceased friend while recording the song.

On October 22, 2010, in the third segment of SBS “Hope TV”, the show will air a special on Park Yong-ha and his philanthropic work titled “Beautiful Man: Park Yong-ha”.

Let’s celebrate the opening of the Yona School and continue to remember Park Yong-ha as not just a talented actor, but a kind and generous person as well.

Source: popseoul
Tags: charity, school

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