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Invincible 2NE1 Stays On Number One: Songs Still Immensely + BEHIND THE SUCCESS OF YG'S GROUP, 2NE1

Sung Shi Kyung, Miss A, Beast, and several other singers made their comeback stages and debut stages recently. But that wasn’t enough to stop 2NE1’s charisma from emerging.

On the last week of September (September 26 – October 2), amidst the comebacks and debuts,Soribada’s weekly chart showed that 2NE1’s “Go Away” firmly stayed as Number One for three consecutive weeks. Armed with their powerful performances, edgy styles, and amazing charisma, best girlgroup 2NE1, claimed the top spot ever since their comeback. And they don’t show signs of letting up. The other two songs that made up 2NE1’s three-title-song-comeback, “Can’t Nobody” and “Clap Your Hands” also occupied spots in the Top Ten, shocking many with 2NE1’s unusual yet successful promotions.

Sung Shi Kyung, known as the “Prince of Ballad” has made his comeback with a duet with popular solo artist, IU. Sung Shi Kyung and IU sang the excellent ballad, “It’s You,” making fantastic harmonies over the sad story of love and separation. The song is currently second on the chart. Lim Jeong Hee is also another ballad singer making her comeback, this time in a duet along with 2AM leader, Jo Kwon, with “On The Road to Breakup.” The song is full of lamentation and sadness, and now ranks number 5.

Miss A, is also in the charts with their song, “Breathe” which climbed to number 4. The group debuted in July, with their hit single, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” which stayed in the weekly chart’s number one position for four consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, idol group B2ST is also back with electronic dance music song, “Soom (Breath)” which showcased their strong and tough image. B2ST now ranks 8th.

f you know what a blockbuster in the music industry is, then you know 2NE1. They took a risk with promoting three title songs for their comeback at the same time, releasing three music videos, doing different music activities with their three songs on stage, and yet they have done it. On September 20, on Mnet's M! Countdown, they performed Clap Your Hands, showing a unique performance by recording two separate and different stages, then both were edited and merged together, breaking the boundaries of music programs and showing two concepts of their music video. Although the abilities of the crew of the said music program was needed to complete the stage, but it was really YG Entertainment (YGE)'s focus on the girls, that managed to make 2NE1 stage in music programs to higher heights. Thinking of creating a good concept is hard work. YG showed its company's strength by breaking rules of the game they know so well, and yet making 2NE1's activities a success. Even though their songs were released along with their comeback announcement last September 9, 2NE1's two songs, "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody" are still holding strong, ranking in 2nd and 3rd place in Melon Chart.

2NE1 has a new, fresh concept, that changed their appeal from their debut look when they were dressed in street punk fashion. With their debut hit, "Fire" the girls were dressed in fierce, funky fashion. 2NE1's music, even then, was made of variety, with a strong influence in hip-hop, not really made for mainstream music, but they still made it work to their advantage, emphasizing their uniqueness. 2NE1's "I Don't Care" combined pop with reggae rhythm, producing a neat melody and a song that stayed popular throughout the whole of last year. 2NE1's popularity has gone beyond their music, with their success in the market as well.

2NE1's Comeback Songs and Music Videos

2NE1's three title tracks showed a diverse and unique side of the girls. "Can't Nobody" and "Go Away" showed more of pop and hip-hop while "Clap Your Hands" have a strong drum beat. The rhythms of all three songs are catchy, and provided a lot of new flavor. "Can't Nobody" presented a remix of different elements, with Park Bom and Sandara Park singing the chorus, one after the other, making the words "Can't Nobody" addicting. In all their songs, Park Bom showed strong vocals, matching the autotune on the vocals of the other three members, while minimizing the autototune on hers. Autotune played a big part in "Go Away," starting at the beginning with leader, CL's part. In this song's chorus, they upped the ante of "Can't Nobody"'s chorus by adding a rock guitar vibe. "Can't Nobody" is a song with many hooks and different melody, while "Go Away" and its melody provides an exciting and dynamic package. While these two songs were produced and composed by YG producer and 1TYM leader, Teddy, "Clap Your Hands" was produced by e.knock, also known as Kush. This song is different from all traditional songs with its different beat and strong rhythm.

At this point, with these three very different songs, came three gorgeous music videos, all destined to be blockbusters. With "Can't Nobody" and it's strong rhythm, "Go Away" with its familiar melody, and "Clap Your Hands" with its strong hip-hop rhythm, they all gave exciting elements to music, especially with the bus ads that YGE had set up. While the public is already familiar with their songs, they now looked forward to 2NE1's Music Videos with anticipation. With three songs active at the same time, 2NE1's fans eagerly awaited their live comebacks too. Like Big Bang's "Lie" and "Sunset Glow" these three songs made by YG's 2NE1 is sure to pass down to different generations, because they hold something that each generation could relate to.

2NE1's Focus On Their Vocals

It cannot be denied that in this industry, it still all boils down to quality music. What was surprising is how all of 2NE1's songs in this album made the listeners feel no regrets. All the three songs were good, but the other songs in the album could do well if promoted also, because they give off a fresh, and new approach. While some may be bothered because none of their songs are what is commonly heard, its uniqueness is what make them work out, instead of being a problem. YG gave a push in making unusual but daring marketing strategies.

In an area of hit singles and blockbusters, 2NE1 gives off a different feel. Three song titles and three music videos, seems not to tire these girls out because they still give the best live stages. Great beats, wonderful melodies, and a unique marketing plan. All made 2NE1 dominate the music scene.

In the past few years, the music industry became monotonous, with nothing new coming out. Then 2NE1 came and changed the game. And the time has come for them to make the music industry evolve to something better.

sources: nate + sportsworldi
Translated by knucklepink
Tags: 2ne1, charts, highlight, miss a, yg entertainment

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